Today's top BCAA supplement delivers the best aminos ever developed for maximizing your anabolic state.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAA) are foundational sport nutrients for muscle performance and athletic advancement. But many BCAA supplements fall short. 

Today's top BCAA formula innovates with branched-chain amino acid forms that deliver greater fitness benefits than ever, including:

  • Enhancing muscle growth, repair and recovery
  • Contributing to energized muscle function during exercise
  • Extending endurance by blunting fatigue neurotransmitters
  • Helping to reduce muscle soreness after exercise
  • Accelerating athletic advancement and boosting fitness results

Here's the problem: As great as BCAA supplements are, many products on the market fail to deliver their full performance-enhancing potential. 

This guide discusses BCAA benefits, the shortcomings of old-school products, and the one top-rated supplement that maximizes branched chain amino acids' performance-enhancing activity.

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What are BCAAs?

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are sport nutrients that belong in every fitness-oriented sport nutrition program.

There are eight branched-chain amino acids in total.

Five of them are non-essential, meaning that they can be synthesized by the body.

They are:

  1. Lysine
  2. Thionine
  3. Tryptophan
  4. Methionine
  5. Phenylalanine

While non-essential branched-chain amino acids support overall health, it is the three essential ones -- which must be obtained via diet -- that are most valuable for athletes.

The essential branched-chain amino acids are:

  1. Leucine: Most important amino acid for muscle development and energized athletic performance1 
  2. Isoleucine: Helps support hemoglobin oxygen transport; also helps immune system, healing and energy metabolism2 
  3. Valine: Associated with protein synthesis; supports muscle growth, repair and recovery3 

Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine are the most abundant amino acids in the body. They are most highly concentrated in muscle tissue. Overall, the branched-chain amino acids comprise up to 18% of the proteins in muscle tissues.4  

When essential BCAAs are consumed in foods (such as protein powders, meats, beans, brown rice, nuts) or supplements, the vast majority of them are incorporated into muscle tissues and used as energy.5 

Once BCAAs are uptaken into muscle tissues they exert multiple beneficial activities for athletic performance and advancement.

BCAAs enhance athletic performance and development by:

Providing a source of muscle energy

When athletes are working out, their bodies first use glucose that is circulating in the bloodstream (and also liberated from liver and muscle) as the primary source of energy.

When glucose runs low, the body can break down BCAAs to help maintain cell ATP energy. This is a significant fact because they are the only amino acids in muscle that can be "burned" for energy.6

Researchers have suggested that taking BCAA appears to have a preserving effect on muscle glycogen during exercise.7 

This in turn might mean that athletes who have enough branched-chain amino acids will have "more in the tank" when it comes to powering through workouts. 

All three of the essential branched-chain amino acids are regarded as a valuable source of energy for hard-working muscles.

Warding off fatigue during exercise

Specifically, BCAAs are suggested to block the uptake of tryptophan, which converts into serotonin.8 Both of these brain chemicals signal for fatigue that can bring workouts to a grinding halt.

This apparent protection against muscle fatigue has been suggested in some research to help with athletic performance:

  • Researchers have suggested that by competing with tryptophan receptors in the brain, BCAAs may delay the onset of fatigue during exercise 9
  • In another study, researchers reported that BCAA intake during endurance exercise (long-distance running) was associated with mental and physical performance enhancement10 
  • Researchers have also reported that BCAA supplementation may reduce respiratory exchange ratio (RER) while increasing workload capacity in athletes, effects that may enhance endurance exercise performance11  

BCAAs' potential to encourage muscle energy while discouraging muscle fatigue may combine to enhance peak athletic performance.


Boosting Muscle Development and Recovery

BCAAs can help with muscle anabolism in a couple of ways too. Consuming them before or after workouts helps to preserve muscle tissue, because it helps maintain muscle stores against breakdown for energy usage.

In addition, BCAAs, especially leucine, has been shown to stimulate muscle protein synthesis and growth hormone.12 

Athletes tap these anabolic properties to promote more efficient recovery.

BCAAs' combination muscle-sparing and muscle protein synthesis-stimulating effects help to promote efficient muscle repair, restoration and growth in athletes.

Researchers have linked BCAA supplementation in athletes to: 

  • Enhance their muscle recovery and muscle stability after strength training (2X daily, 5.6 grams per serving)13
  • Reduce muscle damage and accelerate recovery when taken before and after resistance exercise14
  • increased anabolic signaling and boosted muscle protein synthesis 22% (when taken 5 minutes after exercise)15
  • Increased rate of recovery in strength, potentially due to its ability to reduce rate of muscle protein breakdown post-workout16 
  • Decreased delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and muscle fatigue after training (when taken before squat exercise).17

The above are only scratching the surface of BCAA recovery benefits. Which is just part of the reason why they are considered foundational sport nutrients for athletic development.

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Why some BCAA supplements fail

With so many uses and benefits, BCAA supplements have always been popular sport nutrition supplements.

As a result, there are a lot of BCAA supplements on the market.

But many of them fall short of what fitness-minded consumers are looking for, due to lack of efficacy or dirty labels.

Some common mistakes seen in inferior sport nutrition products are:

Wrong Form of BCAAs

Some companies formulate their branched-chain amino acid supplements with the keto acid form of BCAAs. These  do not work as well and can actually inhibit the breakdown of BCAA's as an energy source.

Incorrect Leucine : Isoleucine : Valine Ratio

Some manufacturers will load up on L-Leucine – in 4:1:1 ratio or even higher, up to 10:1:1 – because L-Leucine is generally considered the most anabolic of the three. This approach is folly because as the ratios go up, both research-backed benefits and safety data go down.

Ratio to look for in the best BCAA supplement: The 2:1:1 ratio is the most evidence-backed. 2:1:1 ratio also enables balanced delivery of all BCAAs’ muscle benefits, not just the isolated activity of L-Leucine.

Dirty Supplement Labels

If you're looking for a clean formula, you have to be careful. Many BCAA capsules are loaded with artificial fillers and flow-agents, not to mention questionable animal-based capsules.

BCAA powders are even worse. That's because BCAAs taste horrible.

Manufacturers of BCAA powders must load up their supplements with a lot of additives in order to make them palatable.

Look at the top-selling powder supplements and you will see: 

  • Artificial Flavors: BCAAs taste terrible. Manufacturers must load them with flavor-masking agents and artificial colors. Even then, they still taste bad.
  • Synthetic Sweeteners:  Since they taste so bad, powders often contain artificial sweeteners like Sucralose and ACE-K that health-conscious athletes are avoiding
  • Fake Colors: Supplements may add artificial colors like FD&C Red #40 to make their products look vibrant. Even though many are now avoiding such synthetic dyes. 

Many health-conscious consumers are now avoiding pointless additives, and therefore must find alternatives to powders.

BCAA powders vs. BCAA capsules: Which is better?

While this is a matter of preference, capsules appear to have more advantages.

Capsules are clean, convenient and do not require the artificial flavors and sweeteners like powders do.

However, keep in mind that some manufacturers will still use pointless additives in their capsules, and many capsules are animal-based.

Shop carefully and you will find clean, plant-based capsules with no unnecessary synthetic additives.

Top BCAA Supplement Overall:
Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA

SPORT BCAA is the top-rated supplement of its kind on the market today because it is a clean, high quality formula, presented in clean capsules, as two advanced BCAA forms in the perfect research-backed ratio.

Each serving of SPORT BCAA supplies:

Branched-Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1, 3000 mg

  • L-Leucine 1500 mg (Ajipure® 1450 mg + NutriGenesis® 50 mg)
  • L-Isoleucine 750 mg (Ajipure® 725 mg + NutriGenesis® 25 mg)
  • L-Valine 750 mg (Ajipure® 725 mg + NutriGenesis® 25 mg) 

SPORT BCAA NutriGenesis® and Ajipure® are the two best forms of branched-chain amino acids that are available in supplements today, with enhanced bioavailability and clean design:

  1. NutriGenesis®: Fermented whole-food-structure aminos with absorption-enhancing natural cofactors including probiotics, fiber, enzymes and antioxidants
  2. Ajipure®: Clean, bioavailable aminos made from non-GMO, gluten-free vegetable-derived carbohydrates using patented, eco-friendly Ferment-A-Pure technology

NutriGenesis® and Ajipure® are the two BCAA ingredients with the greatest bioavailability. That means they can reach your bloodstream readily and unleash the greatest ergogenic benefits.

  • Clean delivery: SPORT BCAA is also delivered in plant-based NutriCaps® Capsules. Made from 100% natural pullulan (fermented tapioca), NutriCaps® are clean, prebiotic-infused and easy to digest.

SPORT BCAA's ultramodern design adds up to superior athletic performance benefits in a clean formula you can use every day.

Designed for Performance

  • Maximizes gains: Boosts growth, slows muscle breakdown*
  • Energizes and enhances muscle strength across all athletics*
  • Helps improve endurance by blocking fatigue brain chemicals*
  • Reduces soreness and reloads muscles for faster recovery* 

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Bolsters immunity against athletic demands and gym pathogens*
  • Safe, natural support to best support long-range fitness programs
  • Plant-based, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® (fermented tapioca)

Take Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA as a foundational sport nutrient formula. Stack it with additional SPORT formulas for even greater performance enhancements.  

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 Stack on More Aminos & BCAAs: Performance Lab® SPORT Protein

Human research has shown that when 5 g of BCAA is added to 6.25 g of protein, the combination boosts muscle protein synthesis as effectively as 25 g of protein.18

In other words, BCAAs help protein to work much better, so it's a good idea to take BCAA and protein together as a stack. 

Performance Lab® SPORT Protein is the perfect protein powder to stack with SPORT BCAA to achieve sport nutrition synergy. Together they provide:

  • 2.7 g L-Leucine

  • 1.5 g L-Isoleucine

  • 1.7 g L-Valine

  • Aminos from Ajipure®, NutriGenesis® & Oryzatein®

If you are looking to max out your intake of muscle-building aminos with a higher concentration of the all-important branched-chains, then SPORT BCAA + SPORT Protein is a smart solution.

Performance Lab® SPORT Protein features Oryzatein®.

Oryzatein® Certified Organic Brown Rice Protein is made with natural enzymes and low heat nutrition technology that yields a clean, green plant protein powder.

Flavored and sweetened with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia, SPORT Protein is also the most delicious protein powder available.

SPORT Protein features: 

  • Clean Oryzatein® organic brown rice grain protein*

  • Shown as effective as whey for boosting muscle mass*

  • Enhances strength, power, endurance and performance*

  • Promotes muscle recovery and robust muscle growth*

  • Helps support natural appetite control and fat loss*

  • Includes probiotic Bacillus coagulans to boost absorption

Take SPORT BCAA + SPORT Protein to build a strong foundation for muscle performance and anabolic growth. 

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Stack on Citrulline + BCAA Synergy: 
Add Performance Lab® SPORT Pre

If you plan on taking SPORT BCAA before exercise, you would be crazy not to combine it with Performance Lab® SPORT Pre.

That's because Performance Lab® SPORT Pre supplies L-Citrulline: An ergogenic nutrient shown in research to help the body utilize BCAAs more effectively. 

  • Researchers have shown L-Citrulline supplemented before exercise enhances the body's utilization of amino acids -- especially branched-chain amino acids -- during the training session.19 

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre supplies Setria® Performance Blend, today's best form of L-Citrulline (plus L-Glutathione) found in sport nutrition supplements.

And, SPORT Pre stacks seamlessly with SPORT BCAA. 

With circulation-boosting, muscle-energizing and muscle-hydrating support, SPORT Pre supercharges exercise in a healthier way.

Each SPORT Pre serving supplies:

  1. Setria® Performance Blend [L-Citrulline (Kyowa Quality®), L-Glutathione (Setria®)], 2200 mg
  2. Creapure® pH10 (contains 94% Creatine Monohydrate [83% Creatine]), 1250 mg
  3. CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine 800 mg
  4. Maritime Pine Bark Extract (Pinus pinaster) (95% proanthocyanidins) 100 mg
  5. Himalayan Pink Salt 350 mg
  6. NutriGenesis® Iron+ 2.5 mg

Designed for Performance

  • Raises nitric oxide to boost muscle blood flow and oxygenation
  • Sustains NO activity to extend strength and recovery benefits
  • Enhances all athletics by sparking muscle-charging ATP energy
  • Improves endurance by buffering and hydrating muscles
  • Loads muscle with creatine + beta alanine over 28 days (when combined with Post and Maintain)

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Vegan-friendly, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca)
  • Clean label: No additives except for natural Nuflow® Rice to help with flow during encapsulation
  • Innovative sports-drink-in-a-capsule design rehydrates body when taken with water
  • Safe, effective sport nutrition support for muscle development and muscle health
  • Stimulant-free; stacks optimally with Performance Lab® Stim for those who prefer caffeine Performance Lab®

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre is the top pre-workout for women, men, all age groups and all skill levels. 

Take SPORT Pre before exercise to promote peak strength, endurance and athleticism. Combine it with SPORT BCAA for muscle-building sport nutrition synergy.


BCAA supplements belong in every athlete's sports nutrition regimen.

But these days people aren't looking for just any sport nutrition formula. They want something clean, advanced and designed to perform.

Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA is the one branched chain amino acid formula that hits all the marks edge-driven athletes are looking for: 

  • Two highly bioavailable BCAA forms;
  • Correct research-backed 2:1:1 ratio
  • In clean vegan-friendly NutriCaps® that deliver a massive upgrade over gross-tasting synthetic powders

And, because it's Performance Lab®, SPORT BCAA is made to stack seamlessly with other Performance Lab® SPORT formulas.

This is an especially valuable advantage because BCAAs form synergy with other sport nutrients and help them work better (and vice versa).

Get started with SPORT BCAA today to activate muscle growth, block muscle breakdown and elevate your performance across strength training, endurance exercise and everything in between.

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