Today's top carb supplement delivers faster-acting, longer-lasting muscle fuel for peak athletic performance.

The best carbohydrate supplements supply a crucial macronutrient for enhancing exercise performance and accelerating athletic advancement.

Carbs are the perfect muscle fuel for:

  • Explosive strength in the gym that maximizes muscle-building;
  • Topping-off muscles with energy substrate to extend endurance;
  • Restoring depleted muscles during the athletic recovery process

Until now, athletic carb loading has been limited by slow absorption, bloating that disrupts training, and low-quality supplements loaded with synthetic flavors, colors and other additives.

This guide discusses how a new carb supplement innovation is changing everything for athletes by absorbing faster and lasting longer -- all with a clean-label, great-tasting formula design.

Usage Tip: Carbohydrate supplements stack synergistically with some other sport nutrients to unleash superior performance benefits. We'll discuss some of the best carb combos at the end of this guide. 

Why take a carbohydrate supplement?

Athletes consume carbohydrates in order to max-out muscle fuel for all types of exercise – strength, power, bodybuilding, endurance and everything in between.

Carbohydrate intake significantly influences your capacity for athletic performance:

  • Optimal carb intake powers muscle performance.1
  • Insufficient carb intake limits muscle performance.2

If you fail to get enough (via food or supplements) into your body before working out (and also during prolonged exercise), you will feel it as an athletic performance crash.

  1. If you are strength training, your muscles may fail before you hit your expected number of repetitions;
  2. If you are endurance training and high-intensity interval training (HIIT), you might get energy loss and hit the wall sooner.

In addition, failure to get enough carbohydrate can potentially trigger catabolism. Without carbs, the body is forced to break down muscle tissues as a source of energy. Muscle breakdown is counterproductive to athletic advancement. 

Supplements present a faster, more convenient and more effective way for athletes to load and maintain the muscle fuel they need to perform.

Carb supplements help different athletes in different ways:

Strength and Power (Anaerobic) Athletes

Optimal strength and resistance training performance requires adequate carbohydrate intake.

Researchers have suggested that consuming carbohydrate (alone or in combination with protein) during strength training may:3

  • Increase muscle glycogen stores, helping top-off a readily available fuel source for powerful lifts
  • Mitigate muscle damage, potentially by ensuring carb fuel availability and thereby sparing muscle catabolism
  • Promote greater training adaptations to both single sessions and long-range consistent resistance training

Endurance (Aerobic) Athletes

Endurance athletes emphasize carbohydrate intake even more than strength and power athletes do.

That's because aerobic exercise depends on carbs as the primary fuel source for muscle energy over prolonged exercise.4

Extensively researched for endurance athletics specifically, carbohydrate has been shown to have a list of benefits:5

  • Improve endurance exercise capacity
  • Promote fast restoration of muscle glycogen stores
  • Boost high-intensity exercise sessions that last over 90 minutes
  • Reduce exercise-induced muscle damage
  • Maintain lean muscle mass and optimize training adaptations

Intermittent Exercise

Carbohydrates have been identified as an especially important sport nutrients for intermittent exercise.

This can include team sports, athletic competitions that may be spread out over the course of the day, or any other activities that combine both aerobic and anaerobic energy systems.

Carbs consumed before and during exercise appears to improve intermittent high intensity exercise capacity.

Researchers have further suggested that carbohydrate may have the greatest impact on intermittent sports performance in the crucial last minutes towards the end of the game.6

For these reasons, carbohydrate intake has always been an important step across all sport nutrition strategies for athletes.

2 men and 1 woman performing box jumps fueled by carbohydrate supplements

When should athletes take Carbohydrates?


Athletes will take carbohydrates before working out as a fueling ritual. 

The goal for athletes is to match their pre-workout carb intake with the expected intensity of their training session.

If you are training high intensity for a short time, or moderate intensity over a prolonged exercise session, then you will need more carbohydrates. 

Carbohydrate supplements, especially our top-rated product, offer advantages over foods in your diet that are consumed pre-workout. That's because some of today's advanced ingredients absorb much faster than foods, as well as being easier on the stomach than foods.

With this in mind, today's top carb supplements offer an upgrade in convenience over foods, as well as helping to ensure that your training session won't be interrupted or diminished by gastric distress and trips to the bathroom.


Intra-workout intake is primarily associated with prolonged exercise bouts. If your training session is relatively short, under 45 minutes, you probably won't need to supplement carbs while you exercise.

For prolonged exercise, carbohydrate intake can enhance athletic performance in many ways. It helps to:

  • Preserve glycogen in muscles and liver by keeping a steady source of energy in the bloodstream, as glucose. This can help you to perform for a longer duration before your backup energy stores (glycogen in muscle and liver) are Tapped
  • Maintain blood sugar, helping to ward off hypoglycemia, thereby upholding optimal energy levels during your workout
  • Ward off hunger and stimulate the senses, both of which can help spur you on during prolonged exercise sessions

Today's top carbohydrate supplements offer significant advantages over foods during intra-workout use. They may be designed for quick, and easy consumption so you can top off your carbs fuel without slowing down in your session.

Did you know? Some research has shown that even the act of rinsing the mouth with sweet fluid during exercise can "trick" the brain into thinking it has just consumed carbs, which in turn enhances physical performance.


It is important for athletes to replenish depleted muscle glycogen stores as soon as possible after exercise. That is because right after muscle glycogen is depleted, muscle cells are “primed” to most efficiently and rapidly replenish glycogen. 

Replenishing muscle glycogen stores is required for muscle recovery after exercise, as well as for ensuring peak muscle performance in your next session.

As a post-workout supplement, carbs can help to accelerate muscle glycogen resynthesis. This means they efficiently re-load muscle tissues with fuel for subsequent performance.

Athletes who can benefit from this approach to carb supplementation include those whose performance depends on rapid replenishment, including:7

  • Athletes who are training or competing the day after their workout;
  • Athletes in competitions, games or training protocols that spread out several sessions in 1 day ("in-between-session" carbs)

For many athletes, fast carbohydrate supplements that accelerate muscle glycogen resynthesis present a unique performance advantage.

Tip: Consuming small amounts of carbohydrate every half hour for up to four hours after exertion can further enhance glycogen replenishment. Experts suggest that you should aim for between one and 1.2 g per kilogram of bodyweight per hour for the first four hours after your workout.

Rest day

When 24 hours or more are available for muscle glycogen replenishment, the timing and frequency of carb intake is not as critical. Athletes are advised instead to focus on the total amount that is consumed.
  • If you have 24+ hours to recover, muscle glycogen can generally be restored by consuming 7–10 g/kg per day.
  • Advanced athletes training 30+ hours per week may need as much as 10–12 g/kg per day.
Note: Taking our top-rated carbohydrate supplement in between meals 2X on rest day contributes 92 g to the total intake.

Carbohydrate Target Intakes for Athletes

For optimal results, athletes strive to match their intake as closely as possible with the intensity of their exercise. The harder you train, the more carb you need. Some general carb intake guidelines to follow:

  • Light intensity exercise: 3-5 g per kg of bodyweight per day
  • Moderate intensity exercise: 5-7 g per kg of bodyweight per day
  • High intensity exercise: 6-10 g per kg of bodyweight per day
  • Elite intensity exercise: 8-12 g per kg of bodyweight per day

Carbohydrate intake for athletes includes both supplements and meals. Supplements are a little easier to track for more precise intake calibration.

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Simple vs. Complex: Advantages and Limitations

Here's the challenge: Typical simple and complex carbohydrate foods and supplements for athletes have always been limited.

Simple carbs

Simple carbs absorb quickly as a fast energy source for athletes, but can cause an energy spike and subsequent energy crash.

In addition, simple carbs in foods can be high in calories and are sometimes associated with digestive issues.

  • Examples: Sugar, fructose (fruit sugars), lactose (milk sugars), dextrose, waxy maize

Complex carbs

Complex carbs are the preferred choice of endurance athletes. They are used for loading, but typically take a very long time to absorb -- up to 24 hours in some cases.

In addition, they are sometimes associated with the bloating and gastric distress that can limit athletic performance.

  • Examples: Grains, pasta, lentils, rice, oats, asparagus, potato, legumes

The good news is there are new forms of sport nutrition on the market that may work better.

One carbohydrate innovation, KarboLyn®, is a standout for its ability to conquer typical limitations. 

Keep reading to learn why KarboLyn® is the top ingredient to look for in supplements today.

We also highlight the one supplement that formulates KarboLyn® for maximum effect, powering athletic performance to impressive new heights.

Most effective carbohydrate to look for in sport supplements: KarboLyn®

KarboLyn® is a designer ingredient that was developed as the ultimate muscle fuel found in supplements for athletes.

  • Karbolyn® is a bioengineered molecule known as a homopolysaccharide: A relatively complex carbohydrate.

Using an advanced multi-stage enzymatic process, Karbolyn® is calibrated to a smaller molecular size than simple or complex carbs.

Karbolyn®'s unique structure enables it to be absorbed at a much faster rate than other carbs from foods or supplements.

  • Karbolyn® speed-of-absorption is a unique sport advantage for muscle energy, strength, endurance and recovery.

In the context of foods, consider starchy food carbs can take up to 24 hours to digest. This is a serious limitation for athletes who are looking to fuel up right before an event or exercise session.

Slow digestion is also especially limiting for athletes who need to fuel-up multiple times in a day, such as in long games or all-day tournaments.

Karbolyn®, on the other hand, absorbs in less than 2 hours.

And, because it has a smaller molecular size that absorbs quickly, it is far less likely to produce side effects that are often associated with food intake, such as digestive discomfort and stomach bloating.

KarboLyn®'s other big advantage is that it sustains energy for longer.

Instead of a spike-and-crash, Karbolyn® provides a muscle energy spike-and-sustain.

Ultimately, KarboLyn® is a "2-in-1" molecule. It possesses the properties of both simple and complex carbohydrates -- absorbing fast like simple, but sustaining longer like complex. And, KarboLyn® avoids the side effects and limitations of both simple and complex forms found in foods.



Because it is fast-absorbing and sustained-release, Karbolyn® can energize short-term strength and longer-range endurance.

Karbolyn® also capitalizes on the enhanced insulin sensitivity that occurs after a workout, to more efficiently reload muscles the superior repair and muscle growth after working out. 

KarboLyn® provides athletes with a rapid, safe, comfortable and sustained fuel source that efficiently loads-up muscles with accessible muscle energy in the form of glycogen.

KarboLyn® is backed by some early pilot studies. Researchers have suggested that KarboLyn®:

  • Enters the bloodstream as quickly as simple glucose (about 6-7 minutes), spikes blood sugar slightly higher than glucose, and sustains longer than glucose8
  • Is quickly stored in the body and metabolized efficiently, without subsequent crash that accompanies other carbs9
  • Is an effective way to boost energy levels in bodybuilders for 1-2 hours, with no stomach upset or side effects10
  • Absorbs 18.21% faster than glucose and is still present at 120 minutes after ingestion11
KarboLyn® Summary:
  • Quickly loads muscle tissue with glycogen for optimum performance, endurance and recovery.
  • Designed with a “sustained – release” mechanism for over 2 hours of stimulant-free energy.
  • May “pump” other nutrients and water into the bloodstream as it is being absorbed

There are several KarboLyn® products on the market today. But they are not all equal.

Next, let's move on to the one KarboLyn® supplement that delivers its remarkable athletic performance benefits to the max.

Most effective muscle fuel for athletes
Performance Lab® SPORT Carb

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb starts with KarboLyn®: The first bioengineered 2-in-1 molecule that delivers simple+complex muscle fuel benefits.

Performance Lab® then makes KarboLyn® work even better, with features no other carbohydrate supplements on the market can match:

SPORT Carb includes Himalayan Pink Salt + Organic Coconut Sugar

KarboLyn®, Himalayan Pink Salt and organic sugar to supply a full dose of homopolysaccharide plus a small amount of sodium, potassium, fructose and glucose. Combined, this is a great mix for athletes because it supplies:

  • A mix of multiple transportable carbohydrates, a sport nutrition strategy shown to target more intestinal transporters and enhance absorption12
  • Glucose, fructose, sodium, potassium and chloride: A combination shown in research to enhance fluid absorption13

SPORT Carb is formulated to maximize all KarboLyn® benefits. It's also designed to taste great, which makes it even more effective for long-range use.

SPORT Carb is the cleanest and best-tasting KarboLyn® supplement on the market. 

Many carb supplements for athletes, including those that supply Karbolyn®, spoil the party by using "chemical cocktail" delivery forms: Artifical colors, preservatives, flavors and sweeteners that don't fit with clean lifestyles (and don't taste very good either).

SPORT Carb instead uses only natural and organic flavors. As a result, it's not only completely clean, but also a great taste sensation that you will enjoy taking every day:

  • Natural flavors: Premium organic cocoa powders plus organic vanilla extract a hint of organic Ceylon cinnamon powder
  • Natural sweeteners: Organic Coconut Palm Sugar, Yacon Root, LoCa™ Monk Fruit Extract, and Swevia™ Stevia Extract
  • Natural thickeners: Organic guar gum and organic coconut water powder; instantized to mix grit-free with a shaker bottle

SPORT Carb is Designed for Performance

  • 40 g of muscle-fueling Karbolyn® per serving*

  • Optimized with transporters sodium, glucose and fructose*

  • Fast-acting, long-lasting fuel: 2+ hours stim-free muscle energy*

  • Powers muscle across strength, endurance, growth and recovery*

  • Enhances absorption of water and other sports nutrients*

  • Versatile muscle fuel: Take before, during or after workouts*

SPORT Carb is Healthy for Daily Use

  • Energized exercise without crashing, bloating or gastric distress*

  • Delicious flavor from organic cocoa, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon

  • Naturally sweet: Organic coconut sugar, monk fruit and stevia

  • Mixes into sport drink with shaker bottle only; no blender required

  • Cleanest, healthiest, most convenient Karbolyn® supplement

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Legendary Sport Nutrient Synergy:
Performance Lab® SPORT Protein + Carb

Protein + carbohydrate is a legendary sport nutrition stack that can be taken before training for performance or after training for recovery.

Together, they enhance muscle protein synthesis, restore muscle glycogen for energy and more.14,15

Performance Lab® SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb are designed to go together for sport nutrient synergy.

Flavor-matched with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia, SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb mix together into a delicious, convenient and highly effective 2-in-1 muscle drink.

SPORT Protein features: 
  • Clean protein: Organic Certified and 100% plant-based
  • Revolutionary Oryzatein® organic whole brown rice grain protein*
  • Clinically shown as effective as whey for increasing muscle mass*
  • Oryzatein® leucine absorbs 30% faster than whey leucine*
  • Enhances muscle strength, power, endurance and performance*
  • Promotes healthy muscle recovery and robust muscle growth*
  • Helps support natural appetite control and weight management*
  • Delicious flavor from organic cocoa, vanilla and Ceylon cinnamon
  • Sweetened with organic yacon root, monk fruit and stevia
  • Includes probiotic Bacillus coagulans to boost protein absorption

Together, SPORT Carb + SPORT Protein make it easy and convenient for you to get beneficial performance-enhancing sport nutrition synergy.

Performance Lab® Best Practice: Take SPORT Protein with SPORT Carb immediately after exercise at a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Fill your SPORTMixer® with 2 scoops of SPORT Carb, 1 scoop of SPORT Protein and 20 oz water. Shake vigorously and drink as soon as you finish your workout.

Usage Tip: Preload your SPORTMixer® with SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb before hitting the gym. Fill it from the water fountain as soon as you finish your session. Shake and chug: It’s the fastest, easiest way to maximize gains by nourishing muscle during your post-workout anabolic window, especially in the crucial first minutes after exertion.

Research-Backed Muscle Stack:
Carbohydrate + Creatine + Beta Alanine

Sport nutrients creatine and beta alanine are among the most important for athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery. 

Adding Carbohydrate to Creatine + Beta Alanine may help all of these crucial sport nutrients to work even better.

Research has shown combining carb, creatine and beta alanine may:

  • Enhance beta-alanine's carnosine muscle-loading efficiency16
  • Promote more robust muscle strength, size and growth17
  • Improve muscle creatine retention by about 25%18 

Performance Lab® SPORT Pre + Post + Maintain are designed to be taken together for creatine + beta alanine muscle-loading that combines to hit good dosages for athletic advancement: 

  • SPORT Pre - 800 mg of Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 1250 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine
  • SPORT Post - 1200 mg of SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 1750 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine
  • SPORT Maintain - 1600 mg of SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 3000 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb + Pre + Post + Maintain interlock seamlessly to form a 100% clean, vegan-friendly, ultramodern sport nutrition stack that maximizes these nutrients' research-backed athletic synergy.

Get Caffeine + Carb Sport Synergy: 
Add Performance Lab® Stim

Carbohydrate and caffeine are a research-backed ergogenic stack shown to enhance athletes' endurance, sprinting performance and countermovement jumping performance in clinical research.19

Performance Lab® Stim is a smarter, cleaner caffeine pill. With Natural Caffeine 50 mg + Suntheanine® 100 mg, it has precise dosing, fewer side effects and superior performance-tuned stimulation.

Stim’s ultramodern design also helps restores brain chemicals that are depleted by intense training and stimulation. Its Ajipure® L-Tyrosine + NutriGenesis® B-Complex – supports a healthier bounceback from caffeinated training.

Performance Lab® Stim features: 

  • Enhances nootropic, athletic, thermogenic performance*
  • Alert, revitalized performance in multitasking, stress, fatigue*
  • Raises Alpha brainwaves for a calmer stimulation state*
  • Reduces jitters, crashes and other overstimulation effects*
  • Helps replenish brain chemicals, for daily use with less burnout*
  • Promotes balanced physiological responses to caffeine stress*
  • 50 mg caffeine serving size for dosing precision and safety
  • Suntheanine®, Ajipure® and NutriGenesis® innovations

Delivered in vegan-friendly NutriCaps®, Stim is the cleanest caffeine ever developed. It combines seamlessly with SPORT Carb to unleash a clean rush of whole body energy that's perfect for exercise. 


If you are looking to upgrade your athletic performance, today's top carb supplement is a must-have for your fitness regimen.

Athletes who are used to traditional muslce loading with foods have always been held back by inconvenience, calories, slow absorption time and gastric distress.

Now, nutrition technology innovation has produced a bioengineered carbohydrate -- KarboLyn® -- that simply work better for athletic performance than any food or any supplement that has come before.

Performance Lab®'s carbohydrate supplement has formulated KarboLyn® to truly max out its awesome performance-enhancing potential.

With Performance Lab® SPORT Carb's innovative design, you can fuel up your muscles much faster with energy that last longer – all without relying on caffeine.

And, SPORT Carb can also help the body to hydrate more efficiently and absorb other sport nutrients more effectively.

And, it is also one of those remarkable sport nutrients that synergizes with other sport nutrients. With the right combinations, athletes can design a sport nutrition supplement regimen that is greater than the sum of its parts.

It all adds up to a perfect storm for edge driven athletes.

Performance Lab® SPORT Carb, the ultimate carbohydrate supplement, helps other sport nutrients to work better. It then stacks seamlessly with other Performance Lab® SPORT formulas to unleash superior athletic performance and exhilarating overall health.