Performance Lab® Coupon or Discount Code

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Performance Lab® Coupon or Discount Code

There are no Performance Lab® Coupon or Discount Codes Online

There's been many questions asked about our range of Performance Lab® supplements.

But one of the most common ones is:

"Do we offer any discount or coupon codes?"

  • NO - there are no discount or coupon codes online.
  • You'll find the best deals currently on our product pages.

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Where do I find the best deals for Performance Lab®?

You can't buy Performance Lab® legitimately through any 3rd party retail sites such as Amazon or GNC.

For this reason, the best deals for Performance Lab® will always be found right here, on our official site.

"I found coupons via online coupon sites"

If you've been directed here through an online coupon/discount site, then we have some bad news for you...

...there are no legitimate discounts or coupon codes found any brand partners or sites offering coupon codes..

But there is some good news...

We have been known to send special limited time offers once or twice per year to our email list (which you can subscribe to above).

Can I receive free samples or trials of Performance Lab®?

  • We do not offer free samples or trials of Performance Lab®.

Performance Lab® makes superior-quality with many premium and luxury ingredients.

We never cut corners on quality to save money.

But we do cut out free samples, coupons, discounts, etc. in order to keep our exceptional formulas affordable for all.

Instead, Performance Lab® supplements are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee – allowing you to experience our health-enhancing formulas risk-free, which is far better than a small free sample, anyway.

Where can I buy Performance Lab® Supplements?

  • Performance Lab® products are only available on our official store, right here, on our website.
  • Other online retail stores, such as Amazon or GNC, are not authorised to sell Performance Lab supplements.

Get the best deal for our Core Range NowGet the best deal for our Sport Range Now

Performance Lab Coupon codes and discounts

Why Isn't Performance Lab products available on Amazon or GNC?

We choose to not sell Performance Lab® supplements on Amazon for a few reasons.

Amazon is not always discerning about which supplements can be featured on its site, and we do not want Performance Lab® supplements to appear alongside (and therefore be associated with) low-quality junk products.Amazon reviews are also easily manipulated by competitors, with little, if any, effective moderation.Finally, is a superior store to buy Performance Lab® formulas, since this is the home of all the information our customers are looking for to understand our products – far more information than would be allowed on Amazon.

Visit our FAQ page to find further answers.

What Is the Best Offer Currently on Performance Lab Supplements?

We offer discounts on multi-box purchases (of the same supplement):

  • For 5% off - Buy 2 boxes of the same product.
  • For 10% off - Buy 3 boxes of the same product.

You'll find this if you press the 'add to cart' button on individual product pages.

As a bonus, we offer free shipping on all orders over $200USD (£150GBP).

In Summary...

You will never find any working discount or coupon codes online for Performance Lab® supplements.

As mentioned:

  • We always aim to offer the best deals possible, right here, on our official website.
  • You'll only legitimately purchase Performance Lab® supplements on our website, here.