Today's top protein powder is the cleanest, best-tasting and most effective ever developed. 

Protein is among the most popular supplements on the planet. And with good reason: The best protein powders boost muscle growth, strength and recovery; plus immune health, weight loss and more. 

Here's the problem: There are a lot of different protein powders on the market. Shopping for protein can be confusing. It's hard to find a protein supplement that is clean, tastes good and works.

The top-rated protein supplement of 2020 is #1 because it cuts through the confusion and delivers what many consumers are now looking for.

It gets there with features and advantages including: 

  • Works for all athletic goals. Enhances performance (strength, power, endurance), muscle growth and recovery, body composition
  • Best plant-based protein. The only organic, plant-based protein powder shown in research to build muscle as effectively as whey
  • Great natural taste. Flavored with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia
  • Probiotic infusion. It includes probiotic Bacillus coagulans that improves protein absorption and optimizes gut health
  • Cleanest powder. Protein with no synthetic solvents, hexanes, eco-destructive ingredients or artificial additives of any kind.

This guide discusses how the top protein powder supplement maxes-out protein's health and athletic performance benefits.

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The Performance Benefits of Protein Powders

Before we get to the top protein supplement, let's discuss the variety of health and performance benefits associated with protein powders.

Protein powders boost athletic performance and muscle development.

Protein has been extensively studied as a sport nutrient.

Here are just a few of the positive findings in clinical research and reviews on protein for various aspects of athletic performance: 

  • Protein intakes of 1.4 - 2.0 g/kg/day help athletes improve adaptations to exercise and max-out fitness program results.1 
  • Protein helps endurance athletes with alternative fuel for exercise; and strength athletes with building blocks for muscle building.2
  • In weightlifters, protein pre- and post-workout enhances performance, recovery, lean body mass, muscle strength and growth.3
  • Protein supplementation significantly increases muscle strength and size during long-range resistance training regimens.4
  • Protein supplements after resistance exercise increase muscle protein synthesis (MPS) while reducing muscle protein breakdown.5,6
  • Protein helps to preserve lean muscle in those who are following a calorie-deficit diet in order to lose body fat.7 
  • Taking protein before, during, and/or after exercise can enhance muscle recovery, growth and immune function.8 

Protein supplements have also been shown to help many other aspects of overall health and well-being.

Weight loss: Protein is the most satiating macronutrient, shown to promote feelings of fullness that helps dieters eat less at their next meal.9 

Blood sugar: Protein supplements are suggested to help balance blood sugar levels and stabilize insulin responses10 

Immune function: Protein amino acids (especially BCAAs) help power immune performance and form immune system-optimizing peptides.11

Ultimately, protein is a key macronutrient for overall health. It is popularly used as a raw material for building and repairing cells and tissues, especially muscle.

But protein's significance goes far beyond muscle as well. It plays a variety of important roles for hormone production, vision, immune health, blood clotting, enzyme function and more.  

Which is Better: Animal vs. Plant Protein Powder?

Most protein powders fall under the following two categories:

1. Milk-Based Protein Powder 

The go-to category of protein powder supplements, milk-based protein includes the likes of:

  • Whey: Easiest and fastest absorbing milk protein. The most popular of protein powders, often taken immediately after exercise for quick, anabolic muscle recovery.
  • Casein: Complex protein, harder to absorb than whey. Takes roughly eight hours to completely absorb. Often taken prior to bedtime for overnight muscle gains.
  • Standard Milk Protein: supplies an 80/20 ratio of casein to whey. An “in-between” option.

Bovine-derived whey and other animal-sourced powders are effective, especially in grass-fed form. But they all require extensive chemical processing, and leave a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness.

 2. Plant-Based Protein Powder

Cow’s milk isn’t the only milk around anymore. We have almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk, oatmeal milk, hemp, chia and many other plant-based protein sources.

With the rise of plant-based protein powder supplements, we’re seeing the rise of new types of protein powders. Plant-based protein powders are cleaner, but typically don't work as well as animal proteins.

And, even plant-based proteins may be heavily processed with chemicals and loaded with additives that don’t work for all lifestyles. 

Both animal and plant proteins have advantages and drawbacks.

This guide's #1 Organic Whole-Grain Brown Rice Protein is the best of both worlds: Animal protein efficacy and plant protein cleanliness. 

Why many protein powders fail

In 2020, consumers are looking for clean, pure protein powder supplements. Natural and organic ingredients only, with no weird stuff

Unfortunately, many protein powders on the market fail due to issues like:

Contaminants: Some animal protein powders have been found to contain growth hormones (rbST/bGH), anabolic steroids, or antibiotics; plant protein powders may have heavy metals or other contaminants

Allergens: Milk and soy are the most apparent allergens, but protein powders' various flavors and additives may also contain hidden allergens

Dirty labels: Protein powders may contain cholesterol, artificial sweeteners, colors and additives, and other unwanted ingredients

Hexane Extraction: Plant protein manufacturers may use toxic chemical hexane as a solvent. EPA links hexane to nervous system problems

High-temp processing: Manufacturers using heat may denature proteins, imparting an unpleasant "off" taste to powders

Did you know? In 2017, an analysis of 134 popular protein powder products found that 40% contained detectable levels of heavy metals and contaminants including Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, Arsenic and BPA (hormone disruptor).12

It can be very difficult to find a protein powder that passes all of the above criteria. But our #1 top-rated protein powder supplement does.

The top supplement overall starts by using a superior ingredient found in the best protein powders today: Oryzatein®.

Best Vegan Protein Powder: Oryzatein®

Oryzatein® is the first patented, organic-certified protein powder made from whole rice grain, including its bran, germ and endosperm layers.

It is the top vegan protein, as well as the best protein overall, because it provides the best of both worlds:

  1. Anabolic effectiveness of animal-based protein powders in a plant-based form;
  2. Vegetarian cleanliness, taste and purity that exceeds other forms like soy protein, pea protein, and others 

Let's take a closer look at what makes Oryzatein® a protein powder standout featured in the top protein supplement of 2020. 

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Oryzatein® is research-backed

Oryzatein® is the first vegan protein powder shown to boost muscle and recovery as effectively as whey.

This big claim is taken from two studies on Oryzatein® that showed it to be equally as effective as whey protein isolate for both increasing and maintaining lean muscle mass: 

Study #1: A double-blind study of 24 collegiate athletes who took 24 g of rice or whey protein 2X daily along with resistance training 3X/week over the course of 8 weeks. Researchers concluded that both Oryzatein® and whey equally enhanced muscle mass, strength and power while also optimizing recovery.13

    Study #2: A prospective pilot trial study; 11 professional MMA athletes took 24 g of rice protein or whey protein every day, 3X per day, in conjunction with MMA training 2X daily, 6 days per week for 6 weeks. At the study's conclusion, researchers reported that both Oryzatein® and whey were equally effective at maintaining lean muscle mass.14 

    Oryzatein® leucine is taken up into muscle 18 minutes faster than leucine from whey protein

    Of all the amino acids, leucine is the most anabolic and highly prized by athletes seeking muscle enhancement.

    Fast-absorbing leucine is advantageous to athletes seeking to nourish muscle tissues as quickly as possible immediately after training.

    In this Oryzatein® study, 10 college-aged trained athletes were asked to abstain from protein supplements for one month and fast for 12 hours before the test. Amino acids were measured in blood at 1, 2, 3 and 4 hours following consumption of rice protein or whey protein.

    After analysis, researchers reported that leucine absorbs almost 30% faster from rice protein (67 minutes) than whey protein (85 minutes).15

    Oryzatein® optimizes body composition

    Another study tracked resistance-trained athletes who took 48 g of whey or Oryzatein® rice protein post-workout for 8 weeks of training.

    Researchers concluded high dose Oryzatein® rice protein supplementation reduced fat-mass and increased lean body mass, muscle growth, power and strength after resistance training (when compared to whey).16

    Additional Oryzatein® research

    Beyond sport benefits demonstrated in human research, Oryzatein® rice protein has been suggested in animal research to help:

    • Influence fat metabolism to promote healthy levels of trigycerides, total cholesterol, VLDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol; as well as helping to promote healthy body weight.17
    • Regulate healthy cholesterol levels by inhibiting cholesterol absorption.18

    Oryzatein® is patented rice protein

    Oryzatein® is patented for its specific amino acid content. 

    Due to its extensive research, proprietary advantages and multiple patents, Oryzatein® is the only rice protein that can claim athletic performance enhancements for:

    • Building muscle
    • Increasing power
    • Enhancing strength
    • Improving endurance
    • Supporting exercise recovery
    • Enhancing exercise training results

    Oryzatein® is clean protein powder

    Oryzatein® made with Hexane-free extraction, natural enzymes, and proprietary low-heat technology that eliminates protein powder denaturing and “off” taste concerns.

    Oryzatein® organic whole-grain brown rice protein is the cleanest protein powder on the market:
    • Organic-certified, vegetarian and vegan friendly
    • Non-GMO, gluten-free, allergen-free
    • No growth hormones (rbST/bGH), anabolic steroids, or antibiotics
    • Not hydrolyzed and contains no monosodium glutamate (MSG)
    • Lab-tested to be free of FODMAPs for greater digestive comfort

    Free of toxic, synthetic compounds often found in other plant-based proteins, Oryzatein® is also an eco-friendly choice in powder supplements.

    Oryzatein® has absorption advantages

      Oryzatein® absorbs at an intermediate rate, between fast-absorbing whey and slow-absorbing casein.

      This rate, combined with its broad amino acid profile, makes Oryzatein® a protein that can be used by anyone for any goals. 

      Plus, Oryzatein® is easy to digest.

      Oryzatein®'s easy and comfortable digestibility is especially beneficial for those who take protein pre-workout or before bedtime. That's because animal proteins tend to be heavier in the stomach and may disrupt performance in the gym and sleep at night.

      From start to finish, Oryzatein® is the most effective and eco-friendly protein powder available.

      And, in the top-rated protein powder overall, Oryzatein® is formulated into the best-tasting protein supplement on the market.

      Let's take a look at how the leading protein supplement of 2020 uses Oryzatein® organic brown rice protein to maximum effect.

       Best Plant-Based Protein Powder: Performance Lab® SPORT Protein

      SPORT Protein is the cleanest, most effective and best-tasting vegan-friendly protein powder ever developed.

      SPORT Protein starts with today's leading organic-certified whole brown rice grain protein innovation: Oryzatein®.

      SPORT Protein then makes Oryzatein® even better by combining it with probiotic Bacillus coagulans, which has been shown in research to enhance protein absorption and optimize protein health benefits.19

      Flavored and sweetened with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia, SPORT Protein is also the best tasting chocolate protein powder available. 

      SPORT Protein is Designed for Performance: 

      • Clean & premium: Organic emphasis; 100% plant-based
      • Shown as effective as whey for boosting muscle gains*
      • Enhances strength, power, endurance and performance*
      • Promotes muscle recovery and robust muscle growth*
      • Helps support natural appetite control and fat loss*
      • Promotes healthy immune system function*
      • Easy to absorb and easy to digest*
      • Universal protein for men and women of all fitness levels*

      With Oryzatein® organic brown rice concentrate, Performance Lab® has curated a nutrition technology advancement that makes protein cleaner and more effective than ever before. 

      Performance Lab® then formulates Oryzatein® to absorb more easily and comfortably, achieve peak bioactivity, and taste great so you can take it every day.

      Even better, SPORT Protein stacks seamlessly with other Performance Lab® formulas.

      This means you can take full advantage of protein's synergistic benefits with other sport nutrients by stacking on additional Performance Lab® supplements that are tailored to fit together.

      SPORT Protein is the best of the best protein powders. Take it to build a strong foundation for muscle performance and anabolic growth. 

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      Get Legendary Sport Nutrient Synergy:
      Performance Lab® SPORT Protein + Carb

      Protein + carbohydrate is a classic sport nutrition stack that can be taken together for amped-up athletic benefits.

      Protein and carbohydrate are a popular combination among athletes because they have several synergistic advantages. 

      Research has suggested that when taken together after exercise, they work better than when taken solo for: 

      • Enhancing muscle protein synthesis and maximizing adaptive responses to exercise and promote muscle recovery20
      • Accelerating muscle glycogen resynthesis to improve subsequent endurance (especially when quick recovery is needed)21

      Performance Lab® SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb are designed to be taken together for peak sport nutrient synergy.

      SPORT Carb is the fastest-acting, longest-lasting carb muscle fuel. It features Karbolyn® bioengineered 2-in-1 carbohydrate that absorbs fast like a simple carb, but sustains like a complex carb. 

      SPORT Carb features:
      • 40 g of muscle-hyperloading KarboLyn® per serving*
      • Optimized with carb transporters sodium, glucose and fructose*
      • Fast-acting, long-lasting fuel: 2 hours stim-free muscle energy*
      • Powers muscle across strength, endurance, growth and recovery*
      • Enhances absorption of water and other sports nutrients*
      • Versatile muscle fuel taken before, during or after workouts
      • Carb energy without crashing, bloating or gastric distress

      SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb are flavor-matched with organic cocoa, vanilla bean, cinnamon, yacon root, monk fruit and stevia.

      Because they taste roughly the same, SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb have a big advantage over other supplements: They mix together into a delicious, convenient and highly effective 2-in-1 muscle drink that unleashes protein and carbohydrate ergogenic synergy.

      Performance Lab® Best Practice: Take SPORT Protein with SPORT Carb immediately after exercise at a 2:1 carb-to-protein ratio. Combine 2 scoops of SPORT Carb, 1 scoop of SPORT Protein and 20 oz water for best results.

      • Post-workout SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb supports bigger muscle gains and greater athletic performance enhancements than SPORT Protein alone. 

      Usage Tip: Preload your SPORTMixer® with SPORT Protein + SPORT Carb before hitting the gym. Fill it from the water fountain as soon as you finish your session. Shake and chug! It’s the fastest, easiest way to maximize gains by nourishing muscle during your post-workout anabolic window, especially in the crucial first minutes after exertion.

      For extra amino acids, add-on:
      Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA

      Human research shows that 5 g of BCAA added to 6.25 g of protein boosts muscle protein synthesis as effectively as 25 g of protein.22

      In other words, BCAAs may help protein to work better, so it's a good idea to take BCAA and protein together as a stack. 

      Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA is the perfect supplement to stack with SPORT Protein for extra aminos and sport nutrient synergy. Together they provide:

      • 2.7 g L-Leucine

      • 1.5 g L-Isoleucine

      • 1.7 g L-Valine

      • Aminos from Ajipure®, NutriGenesis® & Oryzatein®

      If you are looking to max out your muscle-building aminos, then SPORT BCAA + SPORT Protein is a smart solution.

      SPORT BCAA is the top-rated BCAA formula because it is clean and premium, presented in capsules, and has two advanced BCAA forms in the perfect ratio.

      Each serving of SPORT BCAA supplies:

      Branched-Chain Amino Acids 2:1:1, 3000 mg
      • L-Leucine 1500 mg (Ajipure® 1450 mg + NutriGenesis® 50 mg)
      • L-Isoleucine 750 mg (Ajipure® 725 mg + NutriGenesis® 25 mg)
      • L-Valine 750 mg (Ajipure® 725 mg + NutriGenesis® 25 mg) 

      SPORT BCAA NutriGenesis® and Ajipure® are the two best BCAA forms you can take, with enhanced bioavailability and clean design:

      1. NutriGenesis®: Fermented aminos with absorption-enhancing natural cofactors including probiotics, fiber, enzymes and antioxidants
      2. Ajipure®: Clean, bioavailable aminos made from non-GMO, gluten-free vegetable-derived carbs using patented Ferment-A-Pure technology

      NutriGenesis® and Ajipure® are highly bioavailable. That means they can reach your bloodstream readily for the greatest muscle benefits.

      • Clean capsules: SPORT BCAA is in plant-based NutriCaps®. Made from 100% natural pullulan (fermented tapioca), NutriCaps® are clean, prebiotic-infused and easy to digest.

      SPORT BCAA's ultramodern design adds up to superior athletic performance benefits in a clean formula you can use every day.

      Designed for Performance

      • Maximizes gains: Boosts growth, slows muscle breakdown*
      • Energizes and enhances muscle strength across all athletics*
      • Helps improve endurance by blocking fatigue brain chemicals*
      • Reduces soreness and reloads muscles for faster recovery* 

      Healthy for Daily Use

      • Bolsters immunity against athletic demands and gym pathogens*
      • Safe, natural support to best support long-range fitness programs
      • Plant-based, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® (fermented tapioca)

      Take Performance Lab® SPORT BCAA as a foundational sport nutrient formula. Stack it with SPORT Protein and other SPORT range supplements for even greater performance enhancements.  

      Muscle-Building Teamwork:
      Protein + Creatine + Beta Alanine

      Sport nutrients creatine and beta alanine are among the most important for athletic performance, muscle growth and recovery. 

      Adding Creatine + Beta Alanine to SPORT Protein may maximize all of their potential sport nutrition benefits.

      Researchers have suggested that:

      • Supplementing with protein + creatine in conjunction with strength training has been suggested to enhance strength and power gains in professional athletes.23
      • Combining protein + beta alanine + carbohydrate shifts metabolism from a catabolic state to an anabolic state, which helps muscle recovery and athletic performance.24

      Performance Lab® SPORT Pre + Post + Maintain are designed to be taken together for the daily creatine + beta alanine muscle-loading that yields the greatest athletic performance and lean muscle gains: 

      • SPORT Pre - 800 mg of Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 1250 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine
      • SPORT Post - 1200 mg of SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 1750 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine
      • SPORT Maintain - 1600 mg of SR Carnosyn® Beta Alanine, 3000 mg of Creapure® pH10 Creatine

      Performance Lab® SPORT Protein + Carb + Pre + Post + Maintain interlock seamlessly to form a 100% clean, vegan-friendly, ultramodern sport nutrition stack that maximizes these nutrients' research-backed athletic synergy.


      There are a lot of protein supplements on the market. It can be confusing and frustrating to try and choose the right one for you.

      SPORT Protein is the top protein powder because it meets what many consumers are looking for in 2020. It is clean, plant-based, vegan-friendly, research-backed and effective for all athletics (and other applications).

      As a bonus, SPORT Protein's natural and organic chocolate flavor tastes great, so you will look forward to taking it every day.

      And, because SPORT Protein is flavor-matched with SPORT Carb, you get the ultimate in convenience: A protein + carbohydrate combo that mixes together quickly and easily into a delicious chocolate sport drink with research-backed ergogenic synergy.

      SPORT Protein is the ultimate protein powder supplement for building a strong foundation for athletic advancement. 

      And because it is part of the Performance Lab® SPORT line, SPORT Protein can be combined seamlessly with other SPORT and CORE formulas -- unlocking sport nutrition synergies that can propel you to peak athletic performance, exhilarating vitality, robust whole-body health and more.

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