Now caffeine is performance-enhanced to promote cleaner, calmer and healthier stimulation.

Caffeine is one of the greatest natural performance enhancers known to science. When used correctly, it can improve energy , alertness, athletic performance, cognitive performance, weight loss and more.1

Here's the problem: Many people don't use caffeine correctly. Typical caffeine pills and energy drinks worsen matters with clumsy megadoses, jitters, crashes and loads of artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners and other additives.

The best caffeine supplement this year innovates the entire category with precise dosing, smart stacking, and the cleanest delivery form the market has ever seen.

Today's caffeine supplement innovations are designed to:

  • Enhance nootropic effects – Sharper alertness, mental energy, and focus, along the with a balanced mood
  • Clean athletic intensity – Improved physical energy and focus without crashes or jitters, so you can be productive after your workout
  • Improve fat loss results – Caffeine's metabolic and appetite control support is now more effective and less harsh than pills of the past
  • Bounce back fast and healthy – Today's best caffeine supplement helps with stimulation balance and recovery
  • Integrate with nootropics, fat burners and pre-workouts - Top caffeine supplements must work well with stim-free supplements in other categories

The overall best caffeine supplement maximizes all caffeine benefits while minimizing caffeine jitters, irritability, crashes, insomnia and other side effects.

The best ingredients and features found in the top caffeine pills this year include:

  • Natural low-dose caffeine – Precision dosing may be the secret for superior performance-tuned stimulation
  • L-Theanine – Amino acid in green tea shown to boost caffeine's performance-enhancing benefits while reducing its counterproductive side effects
  • L-Tyrosine - Helps restore catecholamine brain chemicals that are burned up during stimulation
  • B-Vitamins – May be mildly depleted by caffeine use; a little B-Complex helps to maintain nutritional homeostasis
  • Clean label – No additives, a welcome respite from caffeinated energy drinks and supplements loaded with artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, etc.

This guide discusses the ingredients and combinations that comprise the best caffeine supplement.

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Best Caffeine Pills Ingredients

This year, the most effective nutritional supplements -- including caffeine supplements -- leverage the power of nutrient stacking.

In this practice, nutrients that complement each other or synergize with each other are combined to produce greater results than if those same nutrients are taken alone.

Supplements that supply only caffeine fail to unlock its full potential.

Advanced supplements now formulate using caffeine combos that help the world's greatest natural performance-enhancer to work even better.

Let's take a closer look at the top ingredients and key features that are found in today's best caffeine supplements.

Low-Dose Caffeine

Caffeine is basic. You can get it from many different sources in all kinds of products, including coffee beans, guarana, green tea, cacao, and even synthetic caffeine.

Today, most consumers are looking for the cleanest possible source of caffeine that works the best with their lifestyle. In that regard, anything label listing natural caffeine will do.

More important than the source is how caffeine is dosed in supplements.

Have you ever noticed while working under pressure that downing cup after cup of coffee at some point simply stops working?

You might feel quite alert after the first couple of cups, and note that your performance is improved.

But if you keep on consuming caffeine, you may notice your performance getting markedly worse.

Excessive caffeine intake is associated with a list of performance-crushing side effects, including:2

  • nausea and gastric distress
  • nervousness, jitters, anxiousness
  • heart palpitations and accelerated heart rate
  • mood swings and irritability
  • headaches
  • difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep

Many caffeine supplements fail to boost performance because their megadoses produce too many disruptive side effects.

Precision dosing is a game-changer for caffeine supplements.

That's because each of us has a specific caffeine dosage that will be associated with the greatest performance enhancements.

  • Too little caffeine, and you won't feel any performance-enhancing stimulation
  • Too much caffeine leads to overstimulation, which manifests as performance- and recovery-diminishing side effects
  • Optimal caffeine dosage hits the stimulant sweet spot: Sharp alertness, clean energy, and a crash-free mood lift

The best caffeine supplement's precision dosing gives you greater control over caffeine intake, enabling superior performance benefits.

Some caffeine pills may supply up to 300 mg of caffeine per serving. This is a clumsy approach to dosing.

A caffeine supplement that supplies 50 mg of caffeine per serving – about the dosage of a small cup of coffee – enables you to achieve superior stimulation results than one imprecise megadose of 250 mg caffeine or more.

Caffeine pills with 50 mg dosage allows incremental adjustments for fine-tuning your stimulation experience. Take more capsules as needed, until you determine your optimal caffeine dosage for peak human performance.


L-Theanine is a natural amino acid that is found in green tea that helps make caffeine's effects even better for performance.

Have you ever noticed drinking green tea produces different caffeine effects from drinking a cup of coffee?

For most people, drinking a cup of green tea is associated with alertness and energy that is calmer and smoother than the stimulation state that is produced by caffeine alone.

Green tea's distinct stimulation effects are attributed to its lower-dose caffeine and natural L-Theanine.

L-Theanine works to raise Alpha brain waves that are associated with feelings of relaxed alertness.3

This unique bioactivity complements caffeine, helping to provide an energized-and-alert state that remains calm, clear-headed and focused under pressure.

Caffeine + L-Theanine is an extensively reviewed and research-backed performance-enhancing stack that belongs in all of the best caffeine supplements.

Across multiple human clinical trials and reviews, researchers have linked Caffeine + L-Theanine to:

  • Improved speed and accuracy at attention-switching tasks and improved memory task performance in a distracting setting4
  • Reduced caffeine side effects, with L-Theanine notably helping with caffeine-induced vasorestriction5
  • Synergistic beneficial effects on attention performance when taken at sufficiently high doses6
  • Enhanced cognitive performance and improved alertness, along with greater attentional focus on challenging tasks7

The best caffeine supplements must include L-Theanine to capitalize on its natural, safe, and effective synergy with caffeine.

Taken together, caffeine + L-Theanine appear to promote a superior stimulation state than when they are taken alone.

Best L-Theanine for Caffeine Supplements: Suntheanine®

Protected by 40+ patents, Suntheanine® is the most research-backed form of L-Theanine, and the only L-Theanine that has been shown in research to raise relaxing Alpha brain waves. Every 100 mg Suntheanine® supplies about as much L-Theanine as 10+ cups of brewed green tea.


The body uses amino acid L-Tyrosine as a building block to produce performance-oriented brain chemicals called catecholamines:

  • Epinephrine (adrenaline)
  • Norepinephrine (noradrenaline)
  • Dopamine

Caffeine stimulation may be associated with stressful states including multitasking, overwork, sleep deprivation, and burnout. Stress in turn is suggested to deplete the catecholamine brain chemicals or otherwise lead to brain chemical inbalances.8

L-Tyrosine in supplement form may help to support stress-depleted neurotransmitters.9

Today's best caffeine supplements include L-Tyrosine to help offset brain chemical disruptions associated with an overcaffeinated, hectic and overworked lifestyle.

Best L-Tyrosine for Caffeine Pills: Ajinomoto®

There are a lot of tyrosine supplements and forms on the market. But the best tyrosine is always going to be by Ajinomoto®.

Established in 1909, Ajinomoto® is a legendary amino acid supplement innovator and inventor of Ferment-A-Pure technology – a patented, eco-friendly process that turns non-GMO and gluten free vegetable carbohydrates into bioavailable amino acids.

Ajinomoto® amino acids, including tyrosine, are found in the world's best stim, nootropic and sport nutrition supplements -- including the top caffeine supplement overall.

B-Complex Vitamins: Folate, B6, Riboflavin, B12

Folate, B6, Riboflavin and B12 are among the B-Vitamins that may be depleted by caffeine use.10

Notably, these B-vitamins are required for cell energy and optimal neurotransmitter synthesis and conversion.

Today's top stim supplements are now including B-Vitamins that are carefully calibrated to help restore what caffeine might be taking away.

In caffeine supplements, B vitamins may help to support stim recovery, neurotransmitter balance and an overall healthier stimulation experience.

Best B-Vitamins for Caffeine Supplements: NutriGenesis®

NutriGenesis® B-Vitamins are fermented in a clean lab and include natural cofactors that enhance their absorption. NutriGenesis® bioavailability advantages are ideal for reversing caffeine-induced nutrient depletion.

Best Caffeine Pills: 
Performance Lab® Caffeine+

Performance Lab® Caffeine+ unites all of today's best caffeine supplement ingredients into one quality formula:
  • Natural Caffeine, 50 mg
  • Suntheanine® L-Theanine, 100 mg
  • Ajipure® L-Tyrosine, 250 mg
  • NutriGenesis® Caffeine Balance B-Complex

Performance Lab® Caffeine+ is a smarter, cleaner caffeine supplement than typical megadose chemical-infused energy drinks and energy pills.

With Natural Caffeine + Suntheanine®, along with restorative amino acids and bioavailable NutriGenesis® B-Vitamins, Performance Lab® Caffeine+ is made for:

  • Greater caffeine dosing precision
  • Fewer side effects, easier recovery
  • Superior stimulation state for performance

Performance-enhanced caffeine benefits

Performance Lab® Caffeine+'s across-the-board caffeine enhancements add up to a uniquely stimulating experience:

  • Caffeine formulated for peak nootropic, athletic and thermogenic performance*
  • Promotes alert, revitalized performance during multitasking, stress and fatigue*
  • Raises Alpha brainwaves to balance caffeine energy with relaxation, creativity and clarity*
  • Helps reduce jitters, crashes and other negative effects of caffeine overstimulation*

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Cleaner, healthier caffeine stimulation

Performance Lab® Caffeine+'s ultramodern design also helps restore caffeine-depleted brain chemicals with Ajipure® L-Tyrosine + NutriGenesis® B-Complex – for healthy recovery from all caffeine-driven activities.

  • Helps replenish caffeine-depleted brain chemicals, so you can use it every day with less burnout*
  • Promotes balanced physiological responses to caffeine-induced stress*
  • 50 mg caffeine serving size for dosing precision, stacking safety and stim control
  • 100% natural, vegan-friendly and prebiotic-infused NutriCaps®, cleanest caffeine delivery in the world

Performance Lab® Caffeine+ is not available at Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Amazon or any other retailers. You can only get it right here, on the Performance Lab® website.

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Caffeine+ stacks seamlessly with other Performance Lab® formulas

Caffeine+ works even better when it is used to augment stim-free supplements in other performance categories.

Taking caffeine-driven pre-workout, nootropic, energy supplements together can add up to unhealthy caffeine dosages.

Caffeine+ is the only Performance Lab® formula with caffeine. This is by design. Caffeine+ is formulated to stack seamlessly with stim-free Performance Lab® formulas in categories that often include caffeine.

Caffeine+ adds 50 mg - 250 mg of caffeine to ultramodern Performance Lab® formulas to produce enhanced effects:

Energize Your Caffeine Pills to Stay Awake: Stack Performance Lab® Caffeine Plus + Energy

Performance Lab® Energy optimizes, protects and multiplies cells’ powerhouse mitochondria – for a healthy natural surge of whole-body, stimulant-free vitality. Combining Energy with Stim is a full-spectrum approach that delivers the best stim-free and stim-driven nutrients.

Add a Nootropic Boost to Caffeine Pills for Studying: Stack Performance Lab® Caffeine+ + Mind

Performance Lab® Mind is a stimulant-free nootropic for brainpower with a focus on high-performance cognition and healthy resistance to mental exertion. Caffeine+ complements Mind with precision-dose caffeine, giving you greater control over nootropic/stimulant effects.

Taking Caffeine Pills Before a Workout: Stack Performance Lab® Caffeine Plus + SPORT Pre

SPORT Pre is a stim-free sport nutrition stack designed supercharge exercise in a healthier way. Add Caffeine+ to SPORT Pre to increase and fine tune workout stimulation for superior athletic performance. Beyond strength and intensity, Caffeine+ is also the best caffeine pill for running and endurance exercise in general.

Enhance Caffeine Pills for Weight Loss: Stack Performance Lab® Caffeine Plus + Burn Lab Pro

Burn Lab Pro is multi-pathway stim free fat loss support. It fires up metabolism, stimulates thermogenesis, enhances calorie-burning and helps preserve lean muscle. Other fat burners are loaded with caffeine megadoses. Burn Lab Pro + Stim is far more precise, so you can boost weight loss results without jitters, crashes and other side effects.

Performance Lab® Caffeine+, other Performance Lab® formulas, and Burn Lab Pro is a smarter way to integrate caffeine into your supplement regimen.

Stim empowers you to add as much caffeine or as little caffeine as you like, to whichever supplements in your program you prefer with caffeine.

Greater caffeine precision yields superior performance results.


Typical caffeine supplements often fail with unnatural megadoses, performance-diminishing side effects and loads of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

Performance Lab® Caffeine+ -- the best caffeine supplement -- is an ultramodern new take on classic caffeine pill performance benefits.

Thanks to its precise dosing, smart stacking and clean label design, Performance Lab® Caffeine+ can do what no other caffeine supplement has done before:

  • Performance Lab® Caffeine+ boosts all caffeine benefits while counterbalancing caffeine demands and side effects.

Take Performance Lab® Caffeine+ solo for a clean, balanced vitality boost.

Stack Caffeine+ with other Performance Lab® formulas to bring its performance-enhanced caffeine effects to energy, workouts, fat burning and more.

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