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Premium gut-health support. Nourish your microbiome with advanced probiotic-boosting nutrients.*

  • Boosts healthy Bifidobacterium probiotics in gut.*
  • Promotes digestive health, regularity, and gut comfort.*
  • Supports nutritional status and healthy immune performance.*
Upgrade Yourself®with Performance Lab® Prebiotic

2-in-1 prebiotic soluble fiber support for healthy metabolic and microbiome performance

Probiotic supplements are unpredictable. They may overload the gut with 20+ billion mixed cultures and lead to gastric distress. Probiotics are also fragile, and may be dead on arrival, failing to help your microbiome.

Prebiotic instead nourishes your existing probiotic colony with Orafti® Synergy1 (Inulin-FOS from chicory root) for robust growth and health.

As a result Prebiotic delivers more reliable, natural and comfortable microbiome support. Plus, fiber support for digestion, immune function, fat loss and more that you don’t get from probiotics.


How to take

To upgrade your daily gut health, take 3 capsules with your first meal of the day. Then a further 3 capsules with your next meal. Always with a glass of water (half a pint/ 8 oz). If you prefer, capsules may be opened and the contents taken with shakes, cereals and smoothies.

Ultramodern Design

Prebiotic supplies an advanced, organic upgrade on standard probiotics. Feeding your gut’s existing microflora to promote healthy growth of beneficial bacteria - in harmony with your body. Supporting comfortable digestion, a robust immune system and efficient all-round metabolic performance.

Easy to swallow

Easy to swallow

Prebiotic is delivered in convenient, easy-to-swallow 00-sized NutriCaps®. 100% plant-based capsules made from pullulan (fermented tapioca) that are ultraclean and naturally prebiotic-infused. Supporting easy digestion and superior nutrient absorption into your body.

Designed for Performance

  • Supports digestive regularity, gut comfort and efficient nutrient absorption*
  • Promotes healthy immune system performance in the GI tract*
  • Nourishes existing gut microbiome rather than introducing new probiotic strains*
  • Helps fat loss by controlling appetite and reducing food caloric density*

Healthy for Daily Use

  • Orafti® Synergy1: Oligofructose-enriched inulin (Inulin-FOS) from chicory root
  • Supports bone health by enhancing calcium absorption*
  • Helps to support heart health by regulating bad cholesterol absorption*
  • 100% natural, prebiotic-infused NutriCaps® from pullulan (fermented tapioca)


Supplement Facts

Serving Size: 3 NutriCaps®

Servings per container: 30

Per Serving
% Daily
Calories 4
Total Carbohydrate 2 g <1%
Fiber 1.7g 6%
Inulin-FOS (as Orafti® Synergy1)
(FructoOligoSaccharides from Chicory Root)
2 g
Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calories per day diet.
† Daily Value not established.

Other Ingredients: NutriCaps® Pullulan Capsule, NuFlow® Rice Concentrate.

Suitable for vegans. Contains NO soy, egg, fish, shellfish, dairy, peanut, tree nuts, wheat, or other allergens. Non-GMO and non-irradiated. Free of gluten, synthetic additives, caffeine, artificial colors and preservatives.

Suggested Use: Take 3 capsules immediately before 1 or 2 meals daily. Always take with at least 8 oz. (240 ml.) of water. For best results use daily and consistently. For advanced usage guidelines visit www.performancelab.com/Advanced

Orafti® Synergy1 is a registered trademark of BENEO-Orafti Inc.

BPA Free. Please Recycle.

The Science

Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS

Inulin and FOS are soluble fibers with prebiotic properties. Structurally, inulin is a long-chain molecule while FOS is short-chain. Both are found in chicory root, which is 20% inulin and 10% FOS.

Inulin-FOS is resilient: It passes undigested through the GI tract, arriving intact in the colon where it selectively feeds Bifidobacterium probiotic strains and stimulates their growth.

Inulin diet stimulates bifidus probiotic proliferation in the colon.

Why Performance Lab® Prebiotic selectively nourishes Bifidobacterium:

  • Bifidobacterium is suggested to more easily adhere to and reinforce the intestinal lining;
  • Bifidobacterium is a highly competitive probiotic strain, possibly due to enhanced energy-scavenging capacity from a wider variety of nutrients;
  • Bifidobacterium’s superior metabolic performance may outcompete bad bacteria in the gut more efficiently than other probiotic species.

By stimulating robust growth of indigenous Bifidobacterium rather than introducing multiple new probiotic strains, Performance Lab® Prebiotic promotes more organic, comfortable and reliable digestive support.

Together in Prebiotic Orafti® Synergy1, inulin + FOS optimize two key pathways that unlock multiple bio-performance benefits:

1. Inulin-FOS Probiotic Support

Prebiotic’s Bifidobacterium-promoting activity contributes to probiotic benefits for:

Digestive performance

A robust intestinal microbiome of Bifidobacterium (and other probiotic strains) is important for digestive and metabolic health. Probiotics supply enzymes that enable efficient breakdown and utilization of foods and nutrients in the gut.

Pathogen resistance

Bifidobacterium fermentation of Inulin-FOS produces lactic acid that reduces gut pH, limiting growth of bad bacteria and pathogens such as Candida albacans and E. coli. Bifidobacterium also adheres to the intestinal lining, strengthening a critical barrier against microbes.

Immune function

Probiotics’ anti-pathogen bioactivities support immune function. Probiotics may also promote healthy immune performance by enhancing the synthesis and proliferation of immune cells lymphocytes and macrophages, which play key roles in immune defenses.

Nutritional status

Bifidobacterium and other lactic-acid producing flora promote a favorable acidic environment for absorption of minerals including calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc. Bifidobacterium also synthesizes B-vitamins and vitamin K within the GI tract.

2. Inulin-FOS Soluble Fiber Support

Prebiotic Inulin-FOS also promotes several soluble fiber benefits for:

Digestive health

  1. Inulin-FOS absorbs water and forms a gel as it passes through the GI tract, softening and bulking stools for easier, more comfortable elimination;
  2. Soluble fiber can help with watery stools, absorbing excess fluid to help form firmer stools and more regular elimination;
  3. Bulkier stools also help with constipation and related straining, which contribute to hemorrhoids and colon health concerns.

Weight control

  1. Inulin-FOS’s ability to absorb water and swell in the stomach blocks the hunger hormone ghrelin and promotes appetite control;
  2. When taken with food and water, Inulin-FOS functionally reduces calorie content of any food item that is consumed;
  3. Taking inulin is suggested to help reduce triglycerides: Building blocks of fatty tissues linked with weight gain and cardiovascular concerns;
  4. Researchers have suggested Inulin-FOS may reduce food intake by suppressing the hunger hormone ghrelin and supporting the satisfaction hormone peptide YY;
  5. Inulin-FOS slows food transit time in the gut, which in turn reduces glycemic load and regulates blood sugar spikes.

Heart health

  1. Soluble fiber from foods such as Inulin-FOS promote heart health by helping to maintain cholesterol levels that are already in normal range;
  2. In the gut, soluble fiber binds cholesterol from foods with bile, thereby limiting cholesterol absorption and encouraging cholesterol elimination.

Performance Lab® Prebiotic Orafti® Synergy1 is oligofructose-enriched inulin fiber from chicory root enhanced with ultramodern nutritional technology. Orafti® Synergy1 has been clinically shown to safely reduce calorie intake and enhance calcium absorption.

Why Take Performance Lab® Prebiotic instead of a typical probiotic?

Probiotic supplements support healthy intestinal flora, but may have limitations and side effects.

Prebiotic takes a different approach to microflora health that may offer several advantages over standard probiotic supplements:

Probiotic Supplements Performance Lab® Prebiotic Advantage
Introduce multiple new probiotic strains to the gut’s existing microflora colony, sometimes in unnatural ratios that may yield uncomfortable results Feeds the gut’s unique existing microflora colony to promote healthy probiotic growth in harmony with the body, for comfortable and reliable support
Must arrive alive in the colon to confer digestive benefits, but are easily destroyed by heat, cold, light and stomach acid Resilient Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS fiber passes through the stomach acids unharmed and is fermented by Bifidobacterium in the colon
Some products’ labels claim up to 2+billion ‘live’ cultures, but are shown on analysis to have far fewer, with many cultures ‘dead on arrival’ Always supplying the exact nutrition that is listed on the label, Performance Lab® Prebiotic arrives active and ready to support digestive health

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Performance Lab® Prebiotic

Ready to upgrade your gut? Take Performance Lab® Prebiotic for microbiome + fiber support that helps digestion, nutritional status, immune function and more.

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Who should take Performance Lab® Prebiotic

Prebiotic can be taken by anyone seeking to nourish their microflora to achieve better digestive function and related benefits for weight management, heart health, immunity and more. Prebiotic’s microflora support may be particularly well-suited to those who are dissatisfied with standard probiotic supplements and want to try a new strategy for promoting a robust, healthy and thriving gut microbiome.

How do I take Performance Lab® Prebiotic

For best results take 3 capsules with your first meal of the day, and 3 capsules with your second meal. Always take Prebiotic with at least 8 oz. of water.

Is Performance Lab® Prebiotic safe?

Like all Performance Lab® supplements, Prebiotic is designed to be safe for long-term daily use, without the need for cycling. Prebiotic achieves this by using pure, potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately and in line with clinical research. Prebiotic’s clean formula design – free of GMOs, gluten, soy, colorants, preservatives and other additives – is also well-tolerated by the body, and safe for long-term use.

How is Performance Lab Prebiotic better than a supplement that has 1+ Billion live cultures of 10+ probiotic strains?

Supplements that supply multiple strains of live active cultures in high numbers have many variables that make it hard to predict efficacy and outcomes. More probiotic strains are not necessarily better, and may be associated with undesirable side effects like gas and bloating. High numbers of live active cultures look appealing on a label, but due to the fragility of probiotics and less-than-optimal manufacturing practices of some brands, the actual number of live cultures that reach the colon may be far less.

Performance Lab® Prebiotic takes a different approach: instead of flooding the digestive system with as many different probiotic strains in the highest quantities possible, Prebiotic selectively nourishes a single superior strain that already exists in the gut: Bifidobacterium.

Supplying the ideal nourishment for Bifidobacterium, Prebiotic encourages robust probiotic growth that works in harmony with your unique gut environment – helping to support all the benefits of probiotics more comfortably, organically and reliably than some probiotic supplements.

What is NutriGenesis®?

NutriGenesis® is a Performance Lab® nutrition technology innovation: Vitamins, minerals and amino acids grown in live cultures at our state-of-the-art lab.

A true biological nutrient form, NutriGenesis® closely mirrors the molecular structure of food nutrients. NutriGenesis® nutrients offer significant advantages over standard nutrient forms.

Featured in several Performance Lab® formulas, NutriGenesis® vitamins, minerals and amino acids are bioengineered to be safe, active and highly effective for overall health and performance.

Why did Performance Lab® develop NutriGenesis®?

Vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the most important nutrients you need to build a strong foundation for health and performance.

Performance Lab® developed NutriGenesis® to have our own in-house vitamins, minerals and amino acids to use in our own nutritional supplements.

In producing NutriGenesis®, Performance Lab® can best maintain our industry-leading quality standards for cleanliness, purity, effectiveness and eco-friendliness, across all our ultramodern formulas.

How is NutriGenesis® different from other nutrient forms?

Not all vitamins, minerals and amino acids are the same. There are many nutrient forms, produced with a variety of processes. Some of the most popular nutrient forms available in supplements today include:

Whole Food Concentrates

Whole food vitamin and mineral supplements are sourced from fruits, vegetables, herbs and mushrooms. They include natural cofactors that make food nutrients so easy for the body to absorb and utilize. However, they do require extensive processing and may be made with GMOs, mass agriculture and dirty eco-destructive practices.

Isolated Chemical (USP) Nutrients

Isolated Chemical (USP) is the cheapest vitamin and mineral form found in the most basic multivitamin supplements. This synthetic form chemically alters vitamins and minerals, isolating them from their whole-food cofactors. As a result, Isolated Chemical (USP) nutrients are typically harder to absorb and less effective than whole food nutrients.

Chelated Minerals

In this process, a mineral nutrient (such as iron, calcium, zinc) is bound with a chelator: An organic molecule (often an amino acid) that is large enough to enrobe the mineral. By surrounding the mineral, the chelator protects it against degradation. Chelated nutrients are highly stable and may improve nutrient uptake and utilization.

NutriGenesis® is different from traditional nutrient forms: Bioengineered to be better.

NutriGenesis® are cultured nutrients that replicate the creation of vitamins, minerals and aminos in nature.

NutriGenesis® is based on the work of Nobel Prize-winning physiologist Albert Szent Gyorgy, who theorized that nutrients presented in their naturally grown forms supply cofactors that make them more bioavailable, biologically active and effective than nutrients that are isolated.

In the NutriGenesis® process, single-cell organisms are seeded with micronutrients in a hydroponic growth medium.

The live single-cell organisms “eat” the micronutrients, divide and thrive. As the cultures grow, they produce fresh new NutriGenesis® vitamins, minerals and aminos within a matrix of natural cofactors. This familiar structure is more easily absorbed and utilized by the body.

More on the NutriGenesis® Process

NutriGenesis® advantages over other forms:

NutriGenesis® is essentially food nutrition. Mirroring food nutrients molecule-by-molecule, our vitamins, minerals and aminos are presented in pure elemental form. Maximum nutrition: Nothing more, nothing less.

Enhanced effectiveness. Because NutriGenesis® nutrients are in food-matrix form, they are recognized by the body as nature-identical -- maximizing nutrient uptake, bioavailability and beneficial activity.

Patented and researched. The patented process behind NutriGenesis® has been shown in research to enhance nutrient absorption and retention (when compared to chemical isolates).

Cleaner and safer. NutriGenesis® is produced in a sterile, tightly controlled lab setting. NutriGenesis® is minimally processed, requiring no pesticides, herbicides or other synthetics associated with some other whole-food nutrients.

Better for the planet: The NutriGenesis® process is clean and efficient, with little carbon footprint or environmental impact – especially when compared to factory farming for phytonutrients and strip mining for minerals.

Which formulas feature NutriGenesis® nutrients?

It all begins with NutriGenesis® Multi for Men and Multi for Women: Performance Lab®’s multivitamin starting point for human performance optimization.

NutriGenesis® vitamins, minerals and amino acids are also found in Performance Lab® formulas Stim, Flex, BCAA, Pre, Post and Maintain.

Beyond Performance Lab®, NutriGenesis® B-Vitamins are found in Mind Lab Pro®: the Universal Nootropic™.

30-Day Performance Promise

Your first order of any Performance Lab® product is covered by our 30-day performance promise.

Put Performance Lab® Prebiotic to the test for a full 30 days and if you don’t see results, we’ll refund your money. No questions asked.

Simply get in touch with a member of our Customer Care team.

The Performance Lab® Performance Promise covers one container of any of our products, up to a maximum of three products per order. You’ll need to return any unused boxes.

Prebiotic stacks well with…

Prebiotic + NutriGenesis® Multi for Men

NutriGenesis® Multi vitamins and minerals optimize body cells, systems and organs for healthy function.

Prebiotic nourishes gut Bifidobacterium that enhance NutriGenesis® Multi nutrients’ absorption and help with natural synthesis of B-vitamins and vitamin K.

Prebiotic and NutriGenesis® Multi form a powerful stack for your nutritional health.

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NutriGenesis® Multi for Men

Prebiotic + NutriGenesis® Multi for Women

NutriGenesis® Multi vitamins and minerals optimize body cells, systems and organs for healthy function.

Prebiotic nourishes gut Bifidobacterium that enhance NutriGenesis® Multi nutrients’ absorption and help with natural synthesis of B-vitamins and vitamin K.

Prebiotic and NutriGenesis® Multi form a powerful stack for your nutritional health.

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NutriGenesis® Multi for Women

Prebiotic + Energy

Energy is a stim-free vitality formula that boosts cells’ powerhouse mitochondria.

It combines with Prebiotic to provide far-reaching metabolic support that enhances nutrient utilization on a cellular level.

Take Energy + Prebiotic as a stim-free stack for natural vitality and healthy metabolic performance.

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The research and studies behind Performance Lab® Prebiotic.

Learn More


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