Premium gut-health support. Nourish your microbiome with advanced probiotic-boosting nutrients.

  • Boosts healthy Bifidobacterium probiotics in gut.
  • Promotes digestive health, regularity, and gut comfort.
  • Supports nutritional status and healthy immune performance.
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Advanced gut-health support.

Our premium Prebiotic formula is made using research-backed Inulin-FOS from chicory root. Produced to the highest quality clean label standards. To deliver gut health benefits like no other Prebiotic supplement.

Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS.

Inulin and FOS are soluble fibers with prebiotic properties. Structurally, inulin is a long-chain molecule while FOS is short-chain. Both are found in chicory root, which is 20% inulin and 10% FOS.

Inulin-FOS is resilient: It passes undigested through the GI tract, arriving intact in the colon where it selectively feeds Bifidobacterium probiotic strains and stimulates their growth.

Performance Lab® Prebiotic Inulin-FOS fiber has been shown in human research to shift Bifidobacteria distribution in the gut from 20% to 71%
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Why Prebiotic selectively nourishes Bifidobacterium

  • Bifidobacterium is suggested to more easily adhere to and reinforce the intestinal lining;
  • Bifidobacterium is a highly competitive probiotic strain, possibly due to enhanced energy-scavenging capacity from a wider variety of nutrients;
  • Bifidobacterium's superior metabolic performance may outcompete bad bacteria in the gut more efficiently than other probiotic species.

By stimulating robust growth of indigenous Bifidobacterium rather than introducing multiple new probiotic strains, Performance Lab® Prebiotic promotes more organic, comfortable and reliable digestive support.

2-in-1 prebiotic support.

Together in Prebiotic Orafti® Synergy1, inulin + FOS optimize two key pathways that unlock multiple bio-performance benefits:

Inulin-FOS Probiotic Support

Prebiotic's Bifidobacterium-promoting activity contributes to probiotic benefits for:

Inulin-FOS Soluble Fiber Support

Prebiotic Inulin-FOS also promotes several soluble fiber benefits for:

Performance Lab® Prebiotic v typical probiotics.

Probiotic supplements support healthy intestinal flora, but may have limitations and side effects.

Prebiotic takes a different approach to microflora health that may offer several advantages over standard probiotic supplements:

Performance Lab® Prebiotic Advantage image of Performance Lab® Prebiotic
  • checkmark icon Feeds the gut's unique existing microflora colony to promote healthy probiotic growth in harmony with the body, for comfortable and reliable support.
  • checkmark icon Resilient Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS fiber passes through the stomach acids unharmed and is fermented by Bifidobacterium in the colon.
  • checkmark icon Always supplying the exact nutrition that is listed on the label. Performance Lab® Prebiotic arrives active and ready to support digestive health.
  • checkmark icon Introduce multiple new probiotic strains to the gut's existing microflora colony. Sometimes in unnatural ratios that may yield uncomfortable results.
  • checkmark icon Must arrive alive in the colon to deliver digestive benefits, but are easily destroyed by heat, cold, light and stomach acid.
  • checkmark icon Some products' labels claim up to 2+billion 'live' cultures, but are shown on analysis to have far fewer. With many cultures 'dead on arrival'.
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Easy as 3 daily capsules.

You can upgrade your daily gut health in just 3 daily capsules.

Take 3 with your first meal of the day. Always with water (half a pint/ 8 oz).

Clean label.

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Pure and potent

Each capsule is packed with premium research-backed ingredients. No fillers or pointless additives. Just 100% Performance Nutrition.
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All dosages shown

We display all ingredient forms. We use no proprietary blends (that hide dosages). So you know precisely what you are taking.
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NutriCaps® delivery

We use no gelatin (from animals) or HPMC capsules. NutriCaps® are made from prebiotic fibre. For better absorption and gut health.

“I really like this brand...”

“I'm using Performance Lab® because it's vegan-friendly and they use delivery technology that really improved the bioavailability.”
– Chloe Deutscher, Chemical Engineer
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Experience the world's best gut health supplement.



  • 4.5
Rated Excellent based on 50 reviews