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Performance Lab®
Performance Lab® Quality: Made to Work.
Every step of Performance Lab® supplement creation is driven by the highest quality standards in the world – producing superior formulas that deliver superior health and performance results.
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Upgrade Yourself™
Superior Formula Design
Performance Lab® Quality starts with innovative formulation.
We develop never-before-seen nutrient combinations with synergistic, complementary and multi-pathway bioactivities that optimize human performance in dynamic new ways.
Premium Nutrients that Work Better
Superior ingredients unlock our formulas’ full performance-enhancing potential.
Performance Lab® formulas feature best-in-class nutrient forms: Trademarked, patented, standardized and advanced nutrient forms with better potency, efficacy, safety and tolerability.
Some examples of Performance Lab® nutrient upgrades:
Upgrade Yourself™
Plain Ingredient Form Performance Lab® Upgrade Found In Advantages
Isolated vitamins and minerals BioGenesis™ nature-identical ingredients Whole-Food Multi and Sleep Vitamins and minerals presented with their natural whole-food cofactors, for superior potency, bioavailability and efficacy
Choline Cognizin® Mind Cognizin®’s efficacy and safety has been validated by multiple human clinical trials, with research demonstrating its benefits for memory, focus and brain health
Ashwagandha KSM-66® Sport T–Booster Standardized to supply 5% active withanolides, shown in research to raise testosterone by 17%
Lutein FloraGLO® Vision Made from non-GMO marigold flowers, backed by 80+ human clinical trials, the #1 lutein brand recommended by doctors
CoQ10 MicroActive® Q10 Energy Enhanced bioavailability and 24-hour release for consistent cell energy support. Shown to double CoQ10 blood levels in 3 weeks
Melatonin Natural melatonin from Montmorency Cherry in a potent 50:1 concentrated formula Sleep Most supplements use synthetic melatonin. Montmorency Tart Cherry is the richest source of natural melatonin, with additional support for sleep-inducing muscle and joint comfort
Standard BCAAs Fermented BCAAs Sport BCAA Fermented BCAAs are associated with digestive comfort and superior bioavailability
Creatine Creapure® pH10 Sport Pre-Workout 99.5% pure, pH-balanced for high bioavailability and digestive comfort
Pomegranate Powder P40p™ Organic Pomegranate Extract Sport Post-Workout Standardized to 40% punicosides and 50% total polyphenols, packs the antioxidant activity of 5 whole pomegranate fruits into a single 500mg serving
Omega-3 fatty acids from fish Omega-3 fatty acids from algae Omega 3 Vegan algae-sourced Omega 3s are safer for human consumption than fish oil, as well as cleaner and better for the environment
Soluble fiber Orafti® Synergy1 Inulin-FOS Prebiotic Targeted Bifidobacterium probiotic-boosting chicory fiber, extensively researched and clinically shown to safely reduce calorie intake and enhance calcium absorption
The World’s Cleanest Formulas
Performance Lab® holds more aspects of supplement development to a higher standard of excellence – resulting in superior-quality, clean-label formulas.
World’s Cleanest Formulas
We never use adulterated or unnecessary ingredients you may find in other supplements.
Performance Lab® is always Non-GMO, non-irradiated, and 100% free of gluten, caffeine, allergens, synthetic additives, artificial colors, preservatives and banned substances.
Peformance Lab® Caps
In most cases, Performance Lab® capsules are filled with 100% nutrition, only: No fillers necessary. In rare cases when fillers are needed to optimize mixing, we use natural fillers such as Nu-Flow® Rice – never synthetic fillers.
Premium Plantcaps® and Plantgels™
When supplement quality is top priority, even the delivery form matters. That’s why Performance Lab® uses Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ exclusively.
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100% natural, vegan Plantcaps® capsules are made from pullulan, which is naturally fermented from tapioca*
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100% natural, vegan Plantgels™ are made from tapioca, glycerin, caramel and purifed water; Plantgels™ are the World’s First carrageenan-free vegan softgels*
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Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ are infused with natural prebiotics to help support comfortable digestion and complete nutrient absorption
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Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ are clean, pure, and healthy for long-range daily supplementation programs
Peformance Lab® Cap
*Some supplements use delivery forms that don’t work with vegan and clean-diet lifestyles. These may include “cellulose” capsules that look natural, but are actually made of semi-synthetic polymers; and vegan softgels made with carrageenan, a questionable ingredient that has been linked to inflammation concerns.
Performance Lab® Plantcaps® and Plantgels™ guarantee clean, vegan-friendly nutrient delivery that works with all lifestyles and all special diets.
World-Class Customer Service
Performance Lab® formulas are backed by the best customer service in the natural products industry:
Fast Shipping
Performance Lab® packages ship out to anywhere in the world within 24 hours of your order
Money-Back Guarantee
30-day risk-free money back guarantee on all Performance Lab® products
24/7 Support
Our friendly customer service agents are always available to answer any questions about Performance Lab® formulas and policies
A Culture of Quality
Across all phases of supplement creation, Performance Lab® makes quality choices that bring the best advantages to our customers, our industry and our planet.
Some examples:
Culture of Quality
Some Other Supplements Performance Lab® Performance Lab® Advantage
Use proprietary blends that list a formula’s ingredients, but hide the dosage of each one All dosages shown, all the time Knowing the dosages enables you to take and combine nutrients safely and effectively; mystery dosages do not
Do not perform safety and identity testing on ingredients prior to manufacture or supplements prior to distribution Perform multiple lab analyses prior to manufacture and distribution to ensure products are bioactive, clean and precise Superior-quality finished product with guaranteed safety, purity and efficacy. Our labels match what’s in the bottle, every single time
Make miracle claims that are misleading and unsubstantiated Make conservative, research-backed claims and share all of our research sources Nutritional integrity that educates consumers and advocates for the entire supplement industry
“Dirty” manufacturing, non-sustainable sourcing, factory farmed herbs, and other eco-unfriendly practices Eco-friendly ingredients, sustainable sourcing, recyclable bottles and boxes, biodegradable shipping materials Health-enhancing supplements that support a healthier planet to promote healthier humanity for generations to come
Performance Lab®’s Quality steps add up to formulas that work better for your health from a company that works better for you.
Performance Lab® supplements are formulated in the UK and manufactured in the USA by Opti-Nutra™.
We uphold superior quality standards to ensure superior health and performance results.
Your health is in good hands with Opti-Nutra™.
In Good Hands
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