Vanadyl Sulfate for Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

  • By Abigail Roberts
  • 4 minute read
Vanadyl Sulfate for Weight Loss: Everything You Need to Know

Weight loss is no easy feat. There are many factors to consider, including nutrition, physical activity, and an effective supplement plan. On top of this, also trying to maintain lean muscle while burning fat can make it even trickier!

The weight loss supplement industry can be an absolute minefield with many supplements claiming to be the answer to weight loss.

Many supplements promise quick and effective results when combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle, while others, all too often, don’t live up to their claims.

This is what makes the industry so difficult to navigate when trying to determine fact from fiction and avoid burning a hole in your pocket on useless supplements.

It’s important to do the research on supplements before you buy them, this includes sifting through the research and coming up with your own conclusion - articles like this aim to help you do just that!

This article focusses specifically on vanadyl sulfate, often known as vanadium. This supplement is often marketed as a weight loss and muscle building supplement. But does the research back up these claims?

Read on to find out everything you need to know about vanadyl sulfate and whether it has an effect on weight loss, fat burning and muscle growth!

What is Vanadyl Sulfate?

Vanadyl sulfate is derived from the inorganic compound vanadium, which is classified as an ultra-trace element - number 23 on the periodic table.

It’s a hard, silvery grey mineral that is found in various metals and is required in very small amounts in the human body. While it does not play a role in any major physiological functions, it is used in a small number of bodily reactions.1

You also find vanadyl sulfate in foods such as shellfish, mushrooms, eggs, some oils, and black pepper. Most typical diets are able to provide enough to meet our requirements.

Vanadyl sulfate is primarily used in the body to maintain the strength of your bones and teeth, and also has a minor insulin-like effect which has been shown to reduce blood sugar.1

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Whether this is a noticeable effect is another thing, but it appears to be the main reason vanadyl sulfate is generally sold as a fat burner and muscle builder.

Let’s look at the specific claims and whether they are backed by research!

Vanadyl Sulfate for Weight Loss: The Claims

One of the main claims for vanadyl sulfate for weight loss is because of the apparent effect on blood sugar.

While some studies have shown it to be useful in improving glucose metabolism and increasing insulin sensitivity, this does not result in weight loss.

Vanadyl sulfate appears to be potentially effective for diabetes and those with blood sugar-related issues, though more research is needed to confirm.

Multiple studies have found vanadyl sulfate to have no impact whatsoever on weight loss, nor any improvements in physical performance.1

While vanadyl sulfate plays a small role in the body as an ultra-trace mineral, it seems like this alleged weight loss supplement would be one that solely causes a hole burnt in your pocket!

However, there have been some other claims of vanadyl sulfate being effective for bodybuilding. Let’s explore this before we write it off completely!

Vanadyl Sulfate for Bodybuilding

It seems that vanadyl sulfate isn’t just marketed as a weight loss supplement, but also as an aid in boosting muscle growth.

The main claim being that vanadyl sulfate increased glucose uptake, forcing more nutrients like protein and carbohydrates into the muscle, thus improving its ability to grow in size.

However, much like the weight loss claims, the research around this claim fails to back it up as an effective muscle growth booster.

On top of having no scientific research to back up its claims, there also appears to be very little anecdotal evidence (real-world evidence). This severe lack of evidence suggests vanadyl sulfate to have any measurable bodybuilding or weight loss effects worth spending your money on.

All in all, it appears vanadyl sulfate is not an effective supplement to add as part of your supplement plan, whether that be for weight loss or boosting muscle gain.1

While vanadyl sulfate seems to be a write off, you may be wondering if there is an effective alternative.

Read on to find out what it is!

GTF Chromium: A More Effective Alternative

Chromium is an essential mineral consumed through food and helps regulate insulin in the body. It is present in many foods, including meat, grain products, nuts, spices, and brewer’s yeast.

It’s sometimes supplemented to improve insulin action around the body and is labelled a key mineral for fat loss and body composition for this reason.

Research has found that chromium helps to optimize insulin activity, thus helping fat loss in many ways, including:

  • Controlling appetite
  • Fuelling muscles
  • Stabilizing energy
  • Fighting insulin resistance

Chromium appears to be the most effective alternative to vanadyl sulfate due to the evidence-based effects on insulin and blood glucose.2

This is why it’s a key ingredient in Burn Lab Pro! A safe and effective fat burner. Burn Lab Pro combines 5 key ingredients:

  1. Coleus Forskhohlii
  2. Cayenne Pepper Extract
  3. HMB
  4. GTF Chromium
  5. Black Pepper Extract

Research suggests that these ingredients help support over 15 key bio-functions that boost fat loss, improve performance, and increase muscle mass.

Burn Lab Pro would be an effective addition to your nutrition and training plan, boosting your calorie expenditure, burning fat, preserving lean muscle, and improving your training performance overall.

Vanadyl Sulfate: Take-Home Message

The fat burning supplement industry is a confusing minefield of expensive products, false claims, and ineffective supplements.

As with any supplement, weight loss or otherwise, there must be robust research to back up the claims, particularly if they are bold claims!

It appears that while vanadyl sulfate is marketed as a fat burner and muscle building supplement, it appears this is a prime example of a product not living up to the claims.

An effective alternative to vanadyl sulfate would be GTF Chromium, a key ingredient in Burn Lab Pro and a research-backed mineral that helps optimize insulin activity.


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