Comprehensive daily nutrition for your eyes. For enhanced visual performance and overall eye health.*

  • Promotes high-speed focus, motion detection, night vision, and more.*
  • Protects against damaging blue light rays, screen glare and sunlight.*
  • 6 powerful research-backed eye nutrients in 1 easy-to-swallow capsule.
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Comprehensive daily nutrition for your eyes.

Performance Lab® Vision is made using premium research-backed ingredients. Produced to the highest quality clean label standards. To deliver vision performance and long-range eye health benefits like no other supplement.

“I really like this brand...”

“I'm using Performance Lab® because it's vegan-friendly and they use delivery technology that really improved the bioavailability.”
– Chloe Deutscher, Chemical Engineer
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Upgrade your vision. Sharpen your edge.

At work, sports, gaming and every area of your life.

Performance Lab® Vision promotes eye health and vision performance for everybody. Enhancing focus speed, motion detection, night vision and more.

The unique formula supports both dynamic eyesight and long-range eye health. Combining FloraGLO® lutein with zeaxanthin. Plus, purified extracts of bilberry, blackcurrant and saffron.

  • eye icon Visual acuity
  • contrast icon Contrast sensitivity
  • glare icon Glare recovery
  • mobile phone icon Blue light protection

Internal sunglasses.

Vision supplies you with the best possible nutritional protection from harmful blue light rays. Stacking powerful eye-nutrients - in advanced forms - to act like internal sunglasses.

Helping filter potentially damaging blue light emitted by the sun, TV, computers, and smartphones.

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Ingredients & benefits.

Vision is 100% natural, safe and effective. Combining 6 research-backed nutrients. For optimal everyday visual performance and long-term eye health.

World's Best Nutritional Protection from Eye-Damaging Blue Light.

Blue light from the sun, screens (TV, computer, phone, tablet), and artificial light penetrates through the lens to the retina, where it generates cell-damaging free radicals.

Blue light-induced macular damage is tied to eye strain, glare, visual fatigue, poor acuity and eye health concerns.

Vision FloraGLO® is the only lutein with patented nutritional technology that protects eyes from macula-damaging blue light rays.

FloraGLO® migrates to the eye's macula, where it fights free radicals and works like internal sunglasses to filter out blue light.

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Easy as 1 daily capsule.

You can upgrade your all-round vision and long-term eye health with just 1 daily capsule.

For best results take consistently, with food.

Clean label.

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Pure and potent

Each capsule is packed with premium research-backed ingredients. No fillers or pointless additives. Just 100% Performance Nutrition.
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All dosages shown

We display all ingredient forms. We use no proprietary blends (that hide dosages). So you precisely what's in every capsule.
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NutriCaps® delivery

We use no gelatin (from animals) or HPMC capsules. NutriCaps® are made from prebiotic fibre. For optimal absorption and gut support.
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Experience the world's most advanced vision formula.



  • 4.5
Rated Excellent based on 50 reviews