Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel


The world's smartest energy bar. Loaded with nootropic brain nutrients. To boost your mood and mental performance.

  • A daily dose of essential brain nutrition. In one delicious bar.
  • For enhanced mind + body energy and maximum brainpower.
  • Plant-based. High fibre. Under 200 calories. In 4 natural flavors.
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Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel
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Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel
  • 4.5
Rated Excellent based on 50 reviews

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image of Nu:tropic® bar range

The bar your brain would choose.

Nu:tropic® bars are made with Nature's most potent brain nutrients. Produced to the highest quality clean label standards. To deliver health, wellbeing, and performance benefits like no other energy bar.

The world's smartest ingredients.

“Fab product...”

“The flavors and texture were great. All 4 bars had just the right level of sweetness - unlike other snacks, which are off-the-scale sugar-laden.”
– Sarah Pursey, Editor. Food & Beverage Networker
image of Sarah Pursey, Editor. Food & Beverage Networker

Find your flavor.

Nutropic comes in 4 delicious natural flavors.
Image of Nu:tropic® Apple + Cinnamon

Apple + Cinnamon

Image of Nu:tropic® Raisin + Almond

Raisin + Almond

Image of Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel

Salted Caramel

Image of Nu:tropic® Maple + Pecan

Maple + Pecan

Try all 4 today.

You can sample all 4 flavors in a Taster Pack.

Nourish your senses with the world's best tasting brain food.

image of someone putting a Nu:tropic® bar in the back pocket of their jeans

Anywhere. Anytime.

Nutropic® is the world's most user-friendly brain food.

Allowing you to take your 'A' game with you, wherever you go.

Enjoy one at breakfast, lunch, dinner. And anytime in between.

Ingredients & benefits.

Nutropic® bars are tray-baked in small batches so they taste homemade. From premium quality plant-based ingredients. With nothing artificial. Ever.
image of Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel ingredients

Clean label.

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Pure and potent

Each bar is packed with healthy carbs, fats, protein & prebiotic fibre. Clean, bioavailable vitamins & minerals. And advanced form essential brain nutrients.
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All dosages shown

We display all ingredient forms on the label. There are no proprietary blends (hiding dosages). So you know precisely what you are putting into your body.
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Planet Friendly

Nutropic® bars are 100% plant-based (vegan certified) made from sustainably sourced ingredients. And packed and shipped in recyclable material.
image Nu:tropic® bars

The world's best tasting brain food.

Your brain is hungry. Requiring around 20% of your daily calories to function efficiently.

We all know the foods we should eat for optimal brain health...

Oily fish, seeds, nuts, berries, turmeric, leafy greens, soy. And some others.

But not all fit in with everybody's tastes and lifestyles.

Especially if you are always busy, on the go. Working hard and playing harder.

Nutropic® is fast, functional brain food.

Ultraclean. Ultraconvenient. In 4 delicious natural flavors.

“Super smart idea...”

“This takes energy bars to a new level. The smartest thing to happen to fast food in a generation. Full of key brain nutrients and they taste awesome!”
– Nelson Dellis. 5-time USA Memory Champion.
image - NelsoDellis. 5-time USA Memory Champion.
image of Nu:tropic Nu:tropic® Salted Caramel

Experience the world's smartest energy bar.



  • 4.5
Rated Excellent based on 50 reviews