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Performance Lab®
Performance Lab® SPORT
Restorative sports nutrition for muscle recovery and healthy gains*
Working out can damage muscles, deplete vital fluids and inflame connective tissues – effects that limit muscle growth and lengthen downtime between workouts.
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout counters these negative effects by restoring depleted nutrients, re-energizing muscle and optimizing anabolic growth and repair processes – helping to accelerate recovery, maintain training consistency and maximize your ultimate muscle gains.
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Designed for Performance
Supports muscle growth more than exercise alone by stimulating muscle stem cells and supporting healthy ATP energy within muscle tissue*
Efficiently rehydrates the body after training (when taken with water) with an innovative sports-drink-in-a-capsule design*
Promotes faster recovery by protecting muscles and connective tissues from the inflammation and oxidative stress that accompany intense training*
Healthy for Daily Use
100% natural, vegan, prebiotic-infused PlantCaps® made from pullulan
Patented Creapure® pH10 creatine and P40p™ pomegranate extract
Safe, natural support for muscle development and long-term muscle health
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100% Natural
Banned Substance
Synthetic Additive
Creatine (Creapure® pH10),
1000 mg
Creatine’s ability to energize, strengthen and nourish muscle makes it a leading ingredient for both pre- and post-workout supplements. However, creatine is depleted by intense exercise, limiting its ability to continue nourishing muscles after training.
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s Creapure® pH10 helps to restore creatine to exercise-depleted muscles, where it promotes growth, repair and recovery by:
  1. Maintaining ATP energy levels within muscle, helping to power muscle repair and growth;
  2. Stimulating synthesis of proteins and stem cells that are used to form new muscle;
  3. Increasing concentration of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) within muscle tissue, creating a favorable anabolic environment for growth and development;
  4. Modulating inflammation, oxidative stress, myostatin and other muscle-inhibiting factors
About Creapure® pH10
Creapure® pH10 is a special 99.5% pure form of creatine monohydrate produced by Creapure® and manufactured by AlzChem AG to superior standards of quality, purity and safety. Creapure® pH10 is pH-balanced to enhance nutrient bioavailability while reducing the bloating and gastric distress that may be associated with other creatine forms.
Organic Pomegranate
Organic Pomegranate Extract (P40p™) (standardized for min. 40% punicosides and min. 50% total polyphenols),
500 mg
Pomegranate is a rich source of polyphenols: Potent antioxidants shown to modulate inflammation, enhance muscle circulation, and neutralize the exercise-induced oxidative stress that damages muscle tissues. Pomegranate’s specific naturally-occurring polyphenol complex has been shown in clinical research to promote muscle comfort and recovery after exercise.
About P40p™ Pomegranate Extract
P40p™ is a premium pomegranate extract that is standardized to 40% punicosides and 50% total polyphenols, which together comprise 90% of the antioxidants in pomegranate fruit. Supplying a full spectrum of the fruit’s health-promoting compounds, P40p™ is an easy-to-absorb, water-soluble form without the calories of whole pomegranate. The 500 mg of P40p in Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout supplies the equivalent antioxidant activity of 5 pomegranates.
Organic Coconut
Organic Coconut Water Crystals,
1250 mg
Intense training leads to a loss of fluids. Dehydration then worsens muscle breakdown, reduces blood flow to muscles, and diminishes muscle strength and performance – potentially limiting or even reversing hard-earned muscle gains.
Coconut water supplies electrolytes (sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium) along with glucose – forming one of the best natural nutrient profiles for rehydrating the body and restoring muscle-energizing glycogen stores after exercise.
About Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout Coconut Water Crystals
Our coconut water is in premium dehydrated crystalline form, supplying concentrated coconut water nutrition that is convenient and easy to absorb – functioning like a “sports drink in a capsule.” In addition, coconut water rehydrates in a safe, efficient and health-supportive manner, without the artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners that are found in many popular rehydrating sports drinks.
Research has shown that coconut water appears to accelerate rehydration when consumed during a rest period after training:
Coconut Water
Coconut Water + Salt Synergy
Coconut Water + Salt Synergy:
Researchers have suggested that augmenting coconut water with sodium brings its nutritional profile closer to those of popular electrolyte sports drinks. Sodium-enriched coconut water has been clinically researched for its natural hydrating properties.
Himalayan Pink Salt,
350 mg
Beyond maintaining hydration during workouts, salt helps to restore lost fluids and electrolyte levels that are depleted during intense training. Salt also optimizes absorption of sport nutrition amino acids and complements the restorative and hydrating bioactivities of coconut water crystals.
About Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout Himalayan Pink Salt
Our Himalayan Pink Salt is a natural, unprocessed source of salt comprised of sodium chloride plus naturally occurring trace minerals including potassium, magnesium and calcium.
Himalayan Pink Salt
Take Performance Lab®
Sport Post-Workout
to recover faster and
return to training sooner with muscles
that are stronger and healthier.
3 Boxes of Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout (360 Capsules)
(10% Saving)
2 Boxes of Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout (240 Capsules)
(5% Saving)
1 Box of Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout (120 Capsules)
Stack Performance Lab®
Sport Post-Workout
  1. Performance Lab® Whole-Food Multi:
    Men’s and Women’s Formulas

    Performance Lab® Whole Food Multi supplies BioGenesis™ nature-identical vitamins and minerals for muscle recovery and post-exercise nutrient replenishment, including Vitamins A and D for protein synthesis; Vitamin C for muscle-protective antioxidant activity; Zinc for masculine hormone-driven muscle growth; and B-vitamins for cell energy.
    These muscle-supportive essentials combine well with Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s advanced support for stimulating and preserving lean muscle development.
    Whole-Food Multi: Men’s and Women’s Formulas
  2. Sleep

    Performance Lab® Sleep

    Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout and Performance Lab® Sleep form an excellent stack for anabolic growth. Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout supports muscle growth and repair, while Performance Lab® Sleep helps to extend the deep sleep phases where muscle-building activity occurs.
    Performance Lab® Sleep also supplies magnesium bound with glycine. Glycine is a building block for natural creatine synthesis, augmenting Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s 1000mg serving of Creapure® pH10 creatine.
  3. Performance Lab® Sport BCAA

    Performance Lab® Sport BCAA and Sport Post-Workout supply complementary support for lean muscle mass development and muscle recovery. Performance Lab® Sport BCAA helps muscle development by regulating protein synthesis and breakdown; Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout helps muscle development with growth factor, muscle energy and muscle stem cell benefits.
    Sport BCAA promotes muscle recovery by restoring exercise-depleted proteins; Sport Post-Workout helps recovery by restoring hydration while countering oxidative stress and inflammation.
    Performance Lab® Sport BCAA and Pre-Workout are designed to combine for better muscle growth and muscle health benefits than when taken alone.
  4. Pre-Workout

    Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout

    Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout sets the stage for robust anabolic growth by upping the intensity of strength training. Sport Post-Workout then helps to ensure the greatest possible muscle-building results from your high-intensity session by supplying exceptional support for muscle repair, recovery and growth.
    Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout helps accelerate return to the gym; Sport Pre-Workout helps you maintain peak intensity from one workout to the next. Together, they encourage more rapid and robust muscle development than when taken alone.
  5. Performance Lab® Sport T-Booster

    Performance Lab® Sport T-Booster supports healthy testosterone helps promote muscle growth via hormonal pathways, complementing Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s muscle nourishment for anabolic growth.
    Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout’s pomegranate has also been suggested in early research to promote testosterone production, adding another layer of support to Performance Lab® Sport T-Booster’s masculine hormone benefits.
Who should take Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout?
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout is appropriate for all fitness enthusiasts – from serious athletes and bodybuilders to weekend warriors – anyone seeking to support efficient rehydration, faster recovery, and enhanced muscle growth after training.
What makes Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout different from other post-workout supplements?
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout is designed as a convenient, low-calorie capsule solution that can simply be taken with water. Sport Post-Workout helps to replenish and restore the body after exercise without the annoyance of mixing powders at the gym or lugging around a bottle in your gym bag.
Many post-workout supplements are presented as powders that must be mixed with water, or as pre-mixed bottled drinks. Both of these options typically include artificial colors and artificial sweeteners; or, in some cases, calorie-dense natural sweeteners.
How do I take Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout?
Take 4-6 capsules immediately following your workout with at least 16 oz of water. Drink more water, up to 32 oz, with Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout depending on the intensity of your workout and amount of fluids lost during exercise. For best results use consistently.
Why does Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout have less creatine than other post-workout formulas?
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout is designed to be stacked with Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout. Together, Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout and Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout supply a balanced 2000 mg-3000 mg creatine serving.
Performance Lab® Sport Pre-Workout also raises creatine levels in two ways: It both supplies creatine and promotes natural creatine synthesis – increasing the net creatine further when stacked with Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout.
Is Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout safe?
Like all Performance Lab® supplements, Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout is designed to be safe for long-term daily use. Post-Workout achieves this by using pure, potent ingredients that are dosed appropriately and in line with clinical research. Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout’s clean formula design – free of GMOs, gluten, soy, colorants, artificial sweeteners, preservatives and other additives – is also well-tolerated by the body. This supplement is not just safe; it is beneficial for long-term use – helpful in rehydrating the body, restoring lost nutrients, and protecting the muscle you’ve worked so hard to build up.
Is Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout legal?
Yes. Performance Lab® Post-Workout is a safe, natural and 100% legal way to promote recovery after exercise. Post-Workout is also free of banned substances, and appropriate for use by amateur, collegiate and professional athletes.
How long does Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout take to work?
Performance Lab® Sport Post-Workout starts promoting efficient hydration and nutrient restoration as soon as you take it. Additional benefits for muscle growth and repair also start working right away, during sleep cycles after workouts – but those results are typically not evident until 2-3 weeks after regular supplementation combined with consistent exercise and adequate rest.
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Coconut water
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Himalayan Salt
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*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
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