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Swimming Everyday: Top 7 Benefits

Whether you swim in lakes, oceans, or pools, it can be one of the most relaxing yet effective ways to...

ATP Energy Systems: Understanding What Happens in The Body

You may hear a lot about ATP and energy systems in the body, particularly if you’re an athlete or gym...

7 Day Workout Plan for Beginners

Whether you’re getting back into the fitness game or you are brand new to it, getting a good workout plan...

How to Get Skinny Arms: Female Guide to Slim, Thin, Toned Arms Fast

We’d all love if “spot reducing” was a thing. Just zero in on a specific area that needs a little...

Metabolic Adaptation: What Is It and Significance to Weight Loss or Gain Explained

The body's regulation of body weight is a dynamic process. Governed by drivers of food intake and factors that affect...

Force Velocity Curves: Training for Strength, Power and Speed

Let's talk curves. 

No, not those kinds of curves. The strength and force-velocity kind. 

An understanding of this is key to developing an effective athletic program. 

This article tells you how to put it into practice to achieve the power, strength and explosive power you want. 

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