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Abs Hurt After Workout: 7 Tips for Effective Training and Recovery

After a brutal leg day, your legs are probably feeling like jello, but when you kill your core during intense...

Protein Shake Before or After Workout?

Protein shakes provide the essential amino acids that are required for muscle repair and growth. Which is the reason why...

Lifting on an Empty Stomach: Is It Safe to Lift Heavy While Fasted?

As bikini season closes in, fat loss is the name of the game where summer goals are concerned. We’re all...

Workout Plateau: 6 Causes and 5 Tips on How to Avoid It

Have you ever wondered why you’re putting in all of this work at the gym and not seeing results? You’ve...

Supplements for Cycling: Top 5

Supplements for cycling can be a touchy area. Without naming names, cycling hasn’t had the best reputation with performance-enhancing products....

Do Runners Need Protein?

Protein is thought of as a strength athletes’ best friend, and often forgotten about in runners, but it is just...

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