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Muscle Cramps: Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis and Treatments

We've all been there...

Mid-session, post-session or in the middle of the night. That sudden, searing muscle pain biting into the backs of your legs.

Yes, cramp affects us all at one time or another.

Read on to find out what it is, what causes it and what can you do to avoid it.


Transform Your Training Using the 3/7 Method

The key to building strength and muscle mass is finding a program that suits you. Luckily there are many to choose from. And now there is another.

The 3/7 method is a fast, effective muscle building system that is gaining popularity among bodybuilders, athletes and the sports science community. 

Why not find out what it can do for you. 

4 Tips for Working out at Home: Planning the Perfect Home Workout

Training at home can be a challenge.

Having a dumbbell under the bed, or a pull-up bar in the yard is no substitute for a fully-fitted gym.

But there is no reason to lose heart. Or precious gains. 

Our simple guide will help you get your training program back on track - without leaving the house.   

Velocity Based Training: Train Smarter Not Harder for Power and Speed

There is more to strength training that simply lifting heavy loads.

Speed, power and high-intensity movement are key to your athletic performance.  

This article is dedicated to velocity based training. Helping you to optimize your workouts for maximum transfer from the weights room to your sport. 

The impact of Dynamic Correspondance

If those bicep curls aren't making you a better athlete, you're wasting your time. And your energy.

And we only have amount of either. So it's crucial that everything you do in the gym transfers to what you need in your sport.

In this article we look at 'dynamic correspondence' and how the 'transfer effect' takes place in sport.  

10 Benefits of Lifting Weights and Strength Training

Weightlifting is not just for alpha males with bulging muscles.

It is the go-to exercise for everyone from gym juniors to senior citizens. Delivering numerous health, fitness and lifestyle benefits.

Here is 10 ways it can benefit you.  

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