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Vitamin C When Sick: Does it Really Help?

Taking vitamin C daily (or when you’re already sick) to prevent a cold might not protect you from catching the...

Primary vs Secondary Immune Response: A Complete Guide

The immune system is a complex system of various immune cells designed to protect your body against internal and external...

Can I Take Vitamin C and Probiotics Together?

The gut is home to over 1,000 bacterial species and more than 70-80% of your immune system 1. Contrary to...

Innate and Adaptive Immunity: What's the Difference?

The immune system is a complex system scattered throughout your body that serves to protect your body in every way...

Does Innate Immunity Have Memory? - An In-Depth Look

Whether you’ve cut yourself in the kitchen or experiencing allergies to the pollen and grass infiltrating your nose, the immune...

Are Allergies A Sign Of A Strong Immune System? + 4 Immune-Boosting Tips

Pollen allergies, or hay fever, are amongst the most common types of allergies experienced worldwide. With summer in full swing...

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