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Top 7 Vitamins for Gut Health (And Where to Find Them)

Did you know it’s estimated that more than 11% of the United States population suffers from a chronic digestive disease?...

What Is Inulin-FOS? - 4 Surprising Benefits For Your Health

There’s been a lot of buzz about probiotics lately. Whether it’s supporting good gut health, managing weight, or improving skin...

How Long Does Inulin Stay In Your System?

We all know that fiber is essential. Whether consumed through diet—the ideal way—or extra supplementation, getting a minimum of 25g...

Is Inulin a Prebiotic? 5 Benefits for Gut Health

We're all aware of how vital a fiber-rich diet is for heart health, digestive health, bowel movements, and more. But...

How Much Fiber Is Too Much? 3 Tips for Getting Your Dose Right

Most of us know that fiber is good for us. It’s why we’re told to eat whole grains, load up...

Do Iron Pills Cause Constipation? A Closer Look

Iron is an essential nutrient that must be obtained from the diet. But despite its prevalence in a wide variety...

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