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Can I Take Vitamin D and Magnesium Together?

Yes! You can and should take magnesium and vitamin D together. In fact, the bioavailability of vitamin D largely relies...

How to Increase Vitamin D Levels Quickly

Did you know that more than one billion people worldwide suffer from vitamin D deficiency 1? Considering how simple it...

What Are Symptoms of Low Vitamin D?

Whether it’s for regulating immune function, enhancing wound healing, keeping your bones strong, or boosting mood, vitamin D is your...

How Much Vitamin D is Too Much: What Is Safe?

In the vitamin and mineral world, taking too much of something can be potentially dangerous. Unlike the water-soluble vitamins that...

Best Vegan Vitamin D Supplement

People love to talk about how you need this supplement and you need that supplement to be healthy, but it...

What Causes Vitamin D Deficiency?

If you’re a vegan, lack exposure to sunlight, or are an older adult, you may be at risk of vitamin...

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